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    Since flights are not working and I am already done with road trips weekend trips during this pandemic I started planning for my next vacation to keep myself motivated in this hard time.  While browsing on google I found this website and when I started using, I felt that the product is very exciting and engaging! I loved the fact that it breaks the itinerary by day to plan a trip and suggests activities along with a link through all the booking platforms for accommodation and flights.

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    I totally LOVED TripHobo’s Trip planning tool. I guess this is the best trip planner I have ever used. The ability to connect to hotel aggregators, the auto distance calculation, the budget and pricing capabilities, the drag drop features, etc. all have been remarkable so far. The execution is almost perfect. The site is however slow at times probably because of the various elements involved in trip planning process. But if you can optimize it then nothing like it. 

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    I am still not used to it completely, but I really loved it. Not only It does all the work for me, but it also helps me in visualizing my trip. it’s bit difficult to keep my trip private, but I loved the way you have considered all these elements while developing the product. 

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    I have been looking for similar tool since last year when I was planning for my Spain trip. Thank you for introducing this. It Looks Awesome. The product looks really great with a lot of useful functions. I am still not used to with all the features yet. I will share a detailed feedback once I use it for the next trip. Thanks again