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    The design for the site is pretty good. It is simple and clean. Still I found some things could be quite useful: permanent search bar in navigation menu: which will help the user explore for places more quickly. Maps: it would be grea if you could mark out the routes in map.

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    "I can't emphasize how helpful it is. I am a horrible planner and hate to make plans. I love how it clumps together sites in one day based on proximity, and lets you know the distance between and transportation options. The whole thing is fabulous.   The only thing I would have liked it to do (and perhaps I just haven't discovered that it does) is arrange the actual city destinations in the most efficient order."

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    I only just discovered your site today. I am excited to use it as I go further into planning our summer vacation, but did not have time today to do too much but just some preliminary research. I hope to utilize your site more as I go further into planning this trip.

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    I came across your site from a Facebook advertisement. The site is really awesome for plan a trip.  Details appear when I chose a location is really awesome. ‎I really like the concept.  I love the site and hoping to use it in the future often. :)