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Santiago Trip Planner

The capital of Chile, Santiago is one of the best travel destinations in the world owing to its natural, architectural and modern beauty. To create a perfect Santiago Trip Planner, you don’t need to put in a lot of efforts. A good Santiago itinerary planner will help you finding out the best ways to explore this alluring city within a timeframe of few days. It will help you in charting out the basics of your travel plans that include what to see, do and where to stay in Santiago. And if you are thinking how planning helps you during your travel, it certainly makes you stay away from any disappointment that might come across your way as you explore and reach the attractions.

Plan a Trip to Santiago

Santiago will never bore you as a travel destination. Some of the top attractions in Santiago are: Plaza de Armas, Cerro San Cristóbal, San Chritobal Hall, La Moneda Palace, Santa Lucia Hill, Museo Chileno de ArtePrecolombino, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Maipo Canyon, Parque Forestal, Metropolitan Cathedral, Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda and many others. Infact, as you plan a trip to Santiago, rest assured that you will have a busy vacation ahead full of sights and attractions. For the lovers of art, this city is like a haven as the city seems to be literally strewn with fragments of human imagination.

The city of Santiago is extremely interesting. There are a number of things to do in Santiago that can introduce you to its local culture and tradition well. From a dazzling nightlife to museum hopping, Santiago is a typical capital city with much to offer any tourist. Any person who visits Santiago cannot steer clear away from its markets: The first market is La Vega Central that you can visit in order to see the local produce and traditions. Here, you can find for yourself a good restaurant to try local dish like Chorillana. Santiago’s cuisine is world famous and it is in local corners that you can have a taste of it. The second well known market is Mercado Central where you can shop till you drop.

Santiago Trip Planning Tool

Reaching Santiago is not difficult at all. However, during your Santiago trip planning, you should keep practical information handy. Santiago Airport is well connected to rest of the world and offers flights to international cities. You can also reach Santiago by bus transport from Mendoza in Argentina. You just need to check out the schedule in order to catch your bus to Santiago. When staying within the city, you can conveniently resort to public transport like metro and buses. Further, you can also take a rented car according to your budget and convenience.

Visitors to Chile need to have a tourist Visa if you are thinking of planning a trip to Santiago. There are certain countries such as EU citizens, Canada, Brazil, Turkey who are exempted from getting a tourist Visa.

Santiago is a great place to be provided you should have a Santiago Trip Planner. A planned vacation is the best way to avoid hassles and untoward disappointments which you might face while exploring the city.


Santiago Trip Planner

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