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Shanghai Trip Planner

Shanghai, the largest city of People’s Republic of China is as popular as the the capital Beijing. Shanghai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and has kept the authentic Chinese culture intact. Being a major cultural and political hub, the city also has many attractions which will treat and please your eyes to the T. Due to this reason, Shanghai is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you want to explore Shanghai to the fullest and don’t want to miss out on some stunning attractions, then make the optimum use of the Shanghai itinerary planner. The Shanghai trip planner will help you in organising your trip, quite conveniently and will enhance the overall experience.

Plan a Trip to Shanghai

In order to get in Shanghai, all that you need is a valid visa and passport. You can apply online and get registered with the Chinese embassy in order to get a visa. You have to submit certain documents to apply for the same. For further specifications, you can go through the Embassy’s official website.

Shanghai is a major cultural and commercial hub in the People’s Republic of China and is very well connected to other major cities in the world. Hence, you can easily get in here by air. China also has an extensive road and rail network. Hence, train and buses are other convenient options.

Once you’re in Shanghai you have multiple options to commute. You can rent a car, hop onto a sightseeing bus, use ferry or just hire a car. If you love taking breaks while commuting, then on exploring Shanghai on foot can also be a good idea!

Shanghai Trip Planning Tool

Shanghai has a lot of attractions which should be visited at any cost. Ranging from well maintained gardens to buildings which have western and ancient architecture, Shanghai has it all! Museums, parks, amusement parks and temples, there is something or other to treat everyone. Shanghai City Beach, Jinshan Donglin temple, Shanghai Propaganda Poster and Art Centre, Navy Shanghai Museum, Madame Tussauds Shanghai, Shanghai Disney Resort, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Oriental Pearl Tower and Yuyuan Gardens are some of the top attractions to visit, once you’re in Shanghai.

Another major attraction in Shanghai is its ever bustling shopping centres. Spending a hour or two in here will bring out the shopaholic in you. Moreover, there are many pubs, clubs, lounges, cafes and restaurants serving multi cuisine delicacies in Shanghai. UnTour Shanghai, Jiajia Tang Bao, Xiao Yang Shengjian, Eating Adventures Shanghai and Yang's Dumpling are some of the places which serve lip smacking delicacies. The city lights up in the night and the view of dazzling skyscrapers makes up for an eye pleasing experience.

Witness something which you haven’t seen before, hence visit Shanghai because there’s no city as incredible as this. But, before you start booking your tickets, go through this full fledged Shanghai City tours designed for your convenience. Use this interesting and innovative Shanghai itinerary planner and don’t miss out any opportunity to make your trip to Shanghai, worth remembering.


Shanghai Trip Planner

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