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Sydney Trip Planner

Of merging pacific coastlines, sweeping skylines, and some fabulous roadtrips, Sydney can be a dream destination for every kind of explorer. Our Sydney trip planner is a one stop solution for all your travel-related queries. Facilitating a smooth travel plan, for the given number of days you plan to travel, our Sydney trip planner is all what you need.

How TripHobo Sydney trip planner helps you plan your journey?

While planning your trip, the Sydney journey planner allows you to pick your points of interest along with choosing the best route for you, so as to make the best use of time. Given Sydney’s brilliant transport system getting around Sydney and even nearby points of interest around the city is no tough task.

Sydney Transport Planner

Use this platform to plan your transit in Sydney. The transport NSW is the most reliable and convenient way of getting around Sydney, given its being as the city’s public transport.

Public transport in Sydney is mainly dominated by Sydney trains that follow a brilliant and one of the most orderly Train Timetables in the world! The Central Railway Station, Sydney is the most important train station in the city, connecting all important regions. The metropolitan train network aids in smooth transit from one place to another.

Thus, we see how our trip planner is not short of any Sydney transport planner or an exclusive transit app in itself.

Plan Your Trip To Sydney

Beginners Guide to Sydney Travel Planning

Owing to Sydney’s popularity, and the ease of our Sydney travel planner, we have on our site more than 8000 trip plans created by travelers across the world! After a good assessment of the most popular places and plans, we bring to you this ideal travel plan that will help you plan your Sydney journey. All you got to do is – touch down, check into your hotel and relax before you embark your Sydney sojourn.

Day 1: Suggested by Sydney Trip Planner

Go to Sydney Opera House: The Sydney Opera House is famous for its architecture as well as for being one of the largest concert hosting buildings in the world.
Added 100134 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Ticket Price: 11 AUD
Recommended time to visit: 03:30 Hrs

Visit the Sydney Tower: The Tower of Sydney is a striking construction in Australia.
Added 84780 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Westfield Centre/100 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Ticket Price: 19 AUD
Recommended time to visit: 03:00 Hrs

Explore The Rocks: A key international tourist location of Sydney is “The Rocks”, situated along the shore of southern Sydney.
Added 81916 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: New South Wales, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 03:00 Hrs

Pay a visit to the Sydney Aquarium: It features continental variations of marine wildlife and innumerable species of fishes and marine vegetation of Australia.
Added 75205 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Ticket Price: 28 AUD
Recommended time to visit: 01:30 Hrs

Day 2: Suggested by Sydney Trip Planner

Traverse the Sydney Harbor Bridge: Lovingly known as “The Coathanger”, it is an arched steel bridge which forms the backbone of conveyance between the North Shore and the District of Sydney Central Business.
Added 89631 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Sydney NSW, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 00:30 Mins

Cherish the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens: The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world.
Added 65294 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Walk through Sydney The Gap: The Sydney Gap is an exquisite visiting spot for tourists that offers a breathtaking view of the entire Southern Peninsula of the continent over the Watsons Bay.
Added 55512 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Admire the collection of Sydney Jewish Museum: The artefacts of the museum reveal the description of the lives and cultures of the early Jews who had immigrated to Australia.
Added 28547 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: 148 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 04:00 Hrs

Day 3: Suggested by Sydney Trip Planner

Cherish Museum of Sydney: The Museum features the stages of development and designing modifications the city of Sydney has undergone through the centuries.
Added 56770 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Corner Bridge Street & Philip St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Ticket Price: 10 AUD
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Check out Bondi Beach: Whether you are the active types who would want to their hand at hard core water sports or the lazy beach bum who just wants to soak in the sun and the sand; this place is a home for all.
Added 54628 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Visit the Manly Beach: his is a suburban beach situated along Sydney’s long stretch of northern coastline.
Added 34639 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: Steyne St, Sydney, New South Wales 2095, Australia
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Go to Kings Cross: Over the decades, it has gradually transformed into an area driven by nightclubs, strip clubs, bars and a few restaurants.
Added 45533 times in Sydney journey plans
Address: New South Wales, Sydney
Recommended time to visit: 02:00 Hrs

Sydney Road Trip Planner

In the above trip plan, you can also squeeze in some time for thrilling road trips to regions like The Grand Pacific Drive to Jervis Bay, The Kosciuszko Alpine Way, Darling River Run and more.Our road trip planner is designed on the same lines as an ideal Route Planner.

If you are not a fan of roadtrips, yet love driving around the you can check out Sydney to Cairns Route Planner. A frequented travel spot, buzzing with water activities among several other rejuvenating one's Cairns is always a good choice!

Sydney by Ferry

Additionally, one cannot miss the fact about how well-endowed the city is with glorious water bodies. So, you have several opportunities to explore Sydney by ferry too. We have some amazing Ferry Wharf Tours, certain to keep you wanting for more. You can also opt for popular plans like the Sydney to Jervis Bay which is full of fun activities. Being one of the most scenic drives across Australia, this road trip is a go-to choice of several locals for a quick getaway.

Sydney by Trains

Given Sydney’s brilliant connectivity you can also head to its neighborhood cities for diverse experiences. Some of the most popular cities near Sydney that can be visited by Sydney trains are:

  • Wollongong: Known for its pristine beaches that border the high mountains, Wollongong is a cosmopolitan city in North Wales that has added a whiff to Australia’s tourism.
  • Manly: Located between Sydney harbor and Pacific Ocean, Manly beach is one of the Australia’s popular beaches along the northern coastline.
  • Carlingford: Nestled serenely amidst the waters Carlingford Lough and the mountain of Slieve Foye, Carlingford is a town on the Cooley Peninsula.
  • Mittagong: The twin city of yet another fascinating Australian city Bowral, is perfect for its laid-back vibe.
  • Bullaburra: Set against the backdrop of the Blue Mountains, Bullaburra lies adjoining the route of the Main Western railway line.

Other Cities to Visit in Australia

  • Adelaide: Plan a trip to Adelaide, that happens to be one of the most culturally sophisticated cities of the Aussie land.
  • Melbourne: Melbourne Travel Planner is one of our most used tools, owing to the fabulous blend of dynamism and cosmopolitan that that this city is.
  • Geelong: Check out our Geelong trip planner to explore this second-largest city of Victoria.
  • Perth: The absolute laid-back feel of Perth is a protagonist for many planning a trip here.
  • Brisbane: Plan a trip to Brisbane to experience some vivacious pop culture and a ton of vineyards.

Extending Sydney Trip to New Zealand

How Sydney Trip Planning Tool and Tips

How Sydney Trip Planning Tool Will Help You?

Our Sydney Trip Planner, apart from suggesting you the best of attractions, routes, places to eat, modes of transport, also gives you the flexibility to choose your pick. All this, along with a fabulous integration is just a click away from your ultimate Sydney trip!

What’s more? You can even plan trips around the neighborhoods of Sydney or club other cities to visit in Australia, for a terrific Australian holiday. You can do this by choosing from the best modes of transports, including the metropolitan train network.

You are even estimated with an approximate budget for your travel. This budget includes an approximate cost of transportation, accommodation and other expense that may occur like attraction costs, transportation within Sydney, food & drinks and even shopping! Again, you get to choose your pick from a wide variety of options with regards to flights and accommodation, especially.

Sydney Travel Planning Tips

  1. Sydney is about as open and relaxed as anywhere else in the world and social etiquette amounts to general manners.
  2. Don't take your sunnies off. Ever. Especially on public transport. Yes – even underground.
  3. Casual dress is fine for most occasions unless visiting a five-star eatery or trendy bar, which often have a dress code.
  4. Indulge in fresh seafood if you are a seafood lover.
  5. Get the free metro card, Opal. You will however need to load it up with money.
  6. Make the most of the public transport; consisting of ferries, commuter rails, buses and light rails.
  7. Practice caution if you are bound to travel by trains post 8:00pm.
  8. There are some free shuttle loop buses between some parts of the cities like Sydney CBD and Parramatta.
  9. Telstra, the local telephone company offer some great packages, with good coverage across the country.

Looking for a Sydney trip planner app?

All this goodness is just a touch away with TripHobo’s Sydney planner available on android and iOS platform.

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