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How to plan a trip to Thessaloniki

The Second Largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki maybe a really mouthful to pronounce but has a lifetime of experiences to offer. The city is full of amazing sights, lovely beaches, fascinating museums and beautiful places of worship. In many ways it is an important cultural and historical landmark. But the city is also very vibrant. It hosts many e
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Planning a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece

Has Thessaloniki been beckoning you? If it has, it’s time to summon to your calling and start working on how to plan a trip to Thessaloniki. For a very comprehensive itinerary and a much-awaited dream vacay, check out how this Thessaloniki Trip Planner can assist you. All you have got to do is enter Thessaloniki and hit “Plan my trip”!

This trip planner bequeaths you with some of the most crucial factors that shape a trip. These include trip budget, day-wise itinerary and trending cities that you can check out along with Thessaloniki and much more. What makes this Thessaloniki Trip Planner one of it’s kind are its features and ease in adoption. If you have been planning a trip with your friends, the Thessaloniki Trip Planner lets you involve them by its feature of group planning.

Your queries such as Thessaloniki budget per day among others are solved by the Trip Cost Calculator. What’s more? Along with an estimated Thessaloniki trip budget, you are also delivered Suggested Trip Plans which spell convenience. These plans are a good work of algorithms put together to offer you an idyllic itinerary for a day for the particular number of days you are visiting. This also gives you an idea about the ideal number of days in Thessaloniki. Further, there is the Tours & Experiences section that you can read up to gain insights from expert locals, which are a good blend of various experiences.

Upon hitting “Plan my trip”, you are brought to the part that actually requires you getting to Thessaloniki. Here, you are presented with the best airfares in your chosen currency to Thessaloniki, depending on destinations you are traveling between and the number of days of your visit. Further, the product gives you the flexibility to either plan your own trip or suggests you an idyllic plan.

As you do all this, you are also offered a wide range of accommodations to choose from. Brought to you from a number of travel fare aggregator websites, you can make your best choice then and there itself or skip this step to proceed to planning a trip to Thessaloniki.

This is where all the fun begins and where the product shows its efficiency. If you choose suggest me a plan you will be presented with a well-put-together plan of all the best things to do in Thessaloniki along with tours for the same, a complete detailed description as well as its tickets and opening/closing hours. You will also be suggested with the best way to get around Thessaloniki in between the best things to do in Thessaloniki.

The best part of this planner is the fact that you can have it customised the way you want it. You can add activities and accommodations as per your choice. If you are not too keen on visiting a particular attraction mentioned in the plan, you can even remove it. Save this plan or finish planning and voila you are just a step away from getting on your much-awaited holiday to Thessaloniki!

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Things to do in Thessaloniki

  • Aristoteles hotel

    Address: -

  • Εφετειο Θεσσαλονικης

    Address: -

    Buildings and Structures
  • Δραγουμη

    Address: -

  • Κήπος

    Address: -

  • Arch of Galerius

    Address: Εγνατία Οδός

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Sani Resort

    Address: -

  • Atatürk House Museum

    Address: Αποστόλου Παύλου 24

  • Μακεδονικό Μουσείο Σύγχρονης Τέχνης

    Address: Εγνατίας 154

  • Atrion

    Address: Τσιμισκή 94

    Art Dealers and Galleries
  • Πρώην Στρατόπεδο Παύλου Μελά

    Address: Λ. Λαγκαδά

  • Playcorner.Gr

    Address: Σπάρτης 2

  • Πάρκο 'Χαμένων Πατρίδων'

    Address: -

  • Habanera

    Address: Γεωργίου Παπανδρέου 29

    Bars Restaurants
  • Unique Cafeterians

    Address: Κομνηνών 28

    Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bars
  • Pepper Hot Spot

    Address: Λεωφόρος Νίκης 55

  • Kona Cafe

    Address: Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 40

    Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bars
  • Erneste Hebrand

    Address: Λ. Νίκης 13

    Bars Night Clubs
  • El Burrito

    Address: Χρυσοστόμου Σμύρνης 5

    Bars Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Mexican
  • Χανθ - Χριστιανικη Αδελφοτητα Νεων Θεσσαλονικησ

    Address: Πλατεία Χ.Α.Ν.Θ.

    Campgrounds and RV Parks
  • Dbs Fishing

    Address: Ρήγα Φεραίου 24 & Ηλέκτρας 7

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Bar 16

    Address: Κωνσταντίνου Κανάρη 1

  • Άγιος Γεώργιος

    Address: -

  • Αγιος Παντελεήμονας

    Address: -

  • Ιερός Ναός Αγίας Σοφίας

    Address: Πλατεία Αγίας Σοφίας


Restaurants in Thessaloniki

  • Tapas Bar

    Address: Κατούνη 4

  • Goody's

    Address: Θεσσαλονίκης - Νέων Μουδανιών 11ο ΧΛΜ Επίπεδο 1

    Fast Food
  • Todaylicious

    Address: Αγνώστου Στρατιώτου 42

    Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bakeries Fast Food
  • Shark

    Address: Αργοναυτών 2

    Restaurants Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses
  • Goody's

    Address: Ρίτσιου Γιάννη

    Fast Food
  • Canteen

    Address: Δημητρίου Γούναρη 7


Cafes in Thessaloniki

  • La Belle Epoque 1900

    Address: Θεσσαλονίκης 48

    Bars Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses
  • Tribeca

    Address: Λεωφόρος Νίκης 19

    Bars Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses
  • Café de Paris

    Address: Ικτίνου 4

    Bars Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses

Other Important Places in Thessaloniki

  • Κτελ Θεσσαλονικησ

    Address: Μοναστηρίου 67

    Bus Stations
  • Προφήτης Ηλίας

    Address: -

    Bus Stations
  • Στάση Αγία Παρασκευή

    Address: -

    Public Transportation Services
  • Στάση Αγ. Χριστόφορος

    Address: -

    Public Transportation Services
  • Ηροδοτου

    Address: -

    Bus Stations
  • Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia

    Address: Λεωφ. Αεροδρομίου

  • Skaras Village

    Address: 16ο χλμ Θεσσαλονίκης

    Convention Centers
  • Τοττησ - Ναυτικοσ Ομιλοσ Θεσσαλονικησ

    Address: Σοφούλη Θεμιστοκλή 112

    Convention Centers
  • Χουτοσ Catering

    Address: Σμύρνης & Νερομύλων Πεύκα

    Convention Centers
  • Δημαρχειο Πυλαιασ - Χορτιατη

    Address: Αποστόλου Σαμανίδη 21

    City Halls
  • Δημαρχειο Νεαπολησ - Συκεων

    Address: Στρατηγού Σαράφη 1

    City Halls
  • Βεϊνογλου Κωνσταντινοσ

    Address: Τσιμισκή 16

    Government Departments and Agencies

    Address: Μοναστηρίου 114

    Fire Stations
  • Αστυνομικο Τμημα Λαγκαδα

    Address: Λουτρών 14

    Police Stations
  • Αστυνομικό Τμήμα Λευκού Πύργου

    Address: -

    Police Stations
  • Mediterranean Cosmos

    Address: 11ο χιλ Εθνικής Οδού Θεσσαλονίκης / Μουδανιών

  • Central Parking

    Address: Τσιμισκή Ιωάννη 136

  • Parking Βυζαντιο

    Address: Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 16

  • Μητροπολιτικό Κολλέγιο Θεσσαλονίκη

    Address: Ελ. Βενιζέλου 14

    Colleges and Universities
  • Ναυαγοσωστικη Σχολη Μακεδονιασ

    Address: Δραγούμη Ίωνος 54

    Colleges and Universities
  • Icbs Thessaloniki Business College

    Address: Θεσσαλονίκης 108 Ωραιόκαστρο

    Colleges and Universities
  • Γενικο Νοσοκομειο Θεσσαλονικησ Ιπποκρατειο - Οδοντιατρικο Τμημα - Οδοντιατροι

    Address: Κωνσταντινουπόλεως 49

    Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers
  • Βιοϊατρικη - Καλαμαρια

    Address: Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 18-20

    Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers
  • Euromedica Αλεξανδρειο

    Address: Λεωφόρος Βασιλίσσης Όλγας 89

    Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers

Where to stay in Thessaloniki

Where to stay in Thessaloniki

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Where to stay in Thessaloniki

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How much does it cost to travel to Thessaloniki

Plan your trip to Thessaloniki with an estimated budget for your travel. The average daily cost of food in Thessaloniki is USD 46.45 per person. For a family of four, the cost of eating out is USD 185.8. For accommodation, be ready to spend around USD 79 for a budget accommodation and USD 143 for a luxury hotel, per day, per person. For getting around Thessaloniki, you will need a rough figure of USD 30.96 per day. For detailed Thessaloniki trip cost calculator, use Thessaloniki Trip Planner.

  • Average Price of a Luxury Trip in Thessaloniki

  • Average Daily Cost* USD 347 Per Person
  • Cost for One Week USD 2429 Per Person
  • Cost for Two Weeks USD 4858 Per Person
  • Cost for One Month USD 10410 Per Person
  • Average Price of a Mid-Range Trip in Thessaloniki

  • Average Daily Cost* USD 182 Per Person
  • Cost for One Week USD 1274 Per Person
  • Cost for Two Weeks USD 2548 Per Person
  • Cost for One Month USD 5460 Per Person
  • Average Price of a Budget Trip in Thessaloniki

  • Average Daily Cost* USD 120 Per Person
  • Cost for One Week USD 840 Per Person
  • Cost for Two Weeks USD 1680 Per Person
  • Cost for One Month USD 3600 Per Person

*Based on Food, Accommodation & Transportation

How much will it cost once you're in Thessaloniki

Food & Drinks
  • 3-Course meal (mid-range) USD 18.58
  • Fast food Combo meal USD 7.43
  • Coffee (Cappuccino regular) USD 3.73
  • Bottle of Water (1.5 L) USD 1.1
  • Soft Drinks (Coke/Pepsi, 0.33 L) USD 1.78
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 L) USD 1.39
Accommodation & Transportation
  • Budget Accommodation USD 79
  • Luxury Accommodation USD 143
  • Taxi Start (Standard Tariff) USD 4.19
  • Taxi per km (Standard Tariff) USD 0.87
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transit) USD 1.24
  • Fuel (1 L) USD 1.86
* Some of the data on this page is powered by Numbeo