United States Trip Planner

Know Your Trip Budget for Your Dream Vacation to United States

Plan your trip to United States. Dynamic, Enormous, exciting, fast-paced, wealthy, paradoxical andstaggeringly diverse, America harbors an astounding collection of magnificent natural attractions and amazing man-made attractions, from teeming city streets to mountains, plains and forests covering vast swaths of the continent. From the sheer beauty of a New England fall to the great expanse of the prairies, from the rugged grandeur of the Rockies to the majestic Redwood Forests of California - US is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

The USA has a long and rich heritage, with an abundance of places of interest to visit that include Washington DC - the nation's capital and home to the president, the White House and numerous places of interest; Boston, MA - a very tourist-friendly city; Chicago, IL - featuring a wealth of tourist attractions; Las Vegas, NV - home to the casinos, enormous hotels, wedding chapels and an exciting nightlife; Miami, FL - famous for its beautiful beaches; New York City, NY - the Big Apple, offering world-famous landmarks and attractions; and San Francisco, CA - with wonderful beaches, major attractions and cable cars. Have a wonderful visit here with the help of this United States travel itinerary building tool.

Ideal time to plan your United States journey

You can go to USA any time of the year -the tremendous spread of the country means a great deal of variety in climate and seasonal events throughout the year! The best time to visit really depends on where in the USA you are going. Generally the peak season for tourist travel runs from May to September, though Spring and Fall are the prettiest months on the east and west coast of the country. To organise the best trip with ease, use our United States Trip Planner.

Planning a trip around United States with different types of modes

By Air

The USA has more than 400 domestic airports, and a baker’s dozen are the main international gateways. Many other airports are called ‘international’ but most have only a few flights from other countries – typically Mexico or Canada Even travel to an international gateway sometimes requires a connection in another gateway city. For example, many of the London–Los Angeles flights involves a transfer connection in Chicago.

By Road

You can drive in to the USA from either Canada or Mexico by crossing the border. A valid driver’s license or an international driving license is required. Driving is on the right hand side. Arm yourself with a good road map, buckle up and remember to keep within speed limits. Driving is a very pleasurable experience as the roads are good and well marked. Frequent bus services runs between towns in Canada and the US. Some bus companies’ offer reasonably priced passes to travel within the States and Canada.

Top experiences and places to include in United States vacation planner

Sightseeing :-

Big and beautiful, multi-faceted US is sightseeing paradise. A nation blessed with many natural wonders and always on the move, it has plenty to offer to visitors. In the ever-evolving mega-cities, you can spend days looking up the historic homes, the excellent museums and enjoy yourself at the various amusement and entertainment arcades. Stop delay and start planning your trip through United State trip planner.

In the national forests and parks, you can loose yourself in the beauty of your natural surroundings. Wild-life watching can fill your days in the National Park -the thrill of sighting the animals in their habitat is exciting, to say the least!

Eating Out In USA :-

Cuisine is another way of illuminating the American experience as eating out is a national pastime in the USA and with tourism such an important industry, it comes as no surprise to see the plethora of eating-places in the city. From fancy, up-market restaurants run by celebrity chefs serving fusion cuisine to roadside shacks dishing up local specialties, from stereotypical fast-food joints to inimitable ethnic eateries, USA has them all. The variety and number may vary from place to place, with a preponderance of restaurants in bigger cities but the ubiquitous diners along the highways and in small towns mean that you were never far from food! 

Road Trips-

This is a country of road trips and great open skies, where four million miles of highways lead past red-rock deserts, below towering mountain peaks, and across fertile wheat fields that roll off toward the horizon. The sun-bleached hillsides of The Great Plains, the lush rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and the scenic country lanes of New England are a few fine starting points for the great American road trip. Explore more and plan your trip to USA.

Best Things to Experience in United States

Entertainment & Night Life-

Entertainment is the life force of American society -- the American need to be entertained and amused is paramount. Gigantic, fun-filled theme parks are products of this country and several music genres such as jazz, ragtime, blues and many more were born here. Film making metamorphosed into the mega-billion industry it is today in US and Hollywood films are seen by worldwide audiences. As a visitor in USA, you will be spoiled for choice between the vibrant classic and contemporary performing arts, movies, spectator sports and television programs. 

Nightclubs and bars are an eclectic lot, many done up around a theme and boasting of a fine collection of beers and spirits. Music is the mainstay at most bars, with regular live performances by local and touring bands. So, if you are in the mood to get to the nearest watering -hole, just follow your ears! 


Shop till you drop. Consumer paradise. Marketing Mecca. Shopping mall and department store-filled USA has redefined shopping with its glitzy, glamorous high-rise towers and vast lots filled with shops and even more shops! Visiting a shopping mall is an experience in itself -you can spend the whole day checking out the varied merchandise on display, eat at the tantalizing restaurants, catch the latest movie and even go bowling -- shopping is icing on the cake here! You can pick up all kinds of products in USA -from the latest in computers and electronics to clothing and souvenirs. Shops open from 10 or 11 AM to 6 or 7 PM. Shopping malls, the temples of commerce in the country remain open through out the week and till late at night, every day of the week except Sundays. There are some stores like Wal-Mart and others lining the major highways that stay open all day and night.


Its quite likely that you won't find yourself far from the festive fanfare at US that has a large number of fairly good events dotting its calendar. Skies lit by fireworks, stages set by concerts, streets lost in processions and crowds bursting with joy- its all here at the most celebrated events of United States. Popular events are Thanks Giving, Super Bowl Sunday, President’s Day & Independence day.