Yemen Trip Planner

Know Your Trip Budget for Your Dream Vacation to Yemen

Immortal in the pages of literature, thanks to Gilgamesh and then a famous country in soap ofera references- thanks to Chandler’s fake visit in the famous soap opera- Friends, Yemen is definitely one of the most under rated nations and also a highly unfortunate one in Asia. Being hit by civil war since early 2007- Yemen is no more the country that Queen Sheba called her home or where Gilgamesh came to find the eternal secret of life. Even though it is highly risky at the moment, but if you do in your life get a chance, exploring Yemen would open your eyes to a completely new realm of beauty.

Visa Procedure

Due to the civil war, the Yemen visa rules and regulations constantly keep changing. It is better if you keep yourself updated with the official embassy website. As of now, no visa on arrival is given because it poses as a threat to the security of the nation. You will be more often than not outright rejected if you have a passport or a visa stamp from Israel. 

When to go

Even though the flight tickets and the accommodation is almost always reasonably priced, the best time to visit Yemen is during the months of April, May, September and October. It is right after the end of rainy season and before the advent of the summer season making for a great time to explore the beautiful landscapes and the desert areas.

Destinations to cover

While drawing out your Yemen travel guide, remember this list of places to see and things to do in Yemen. Start with the ancient tombs at Sanaa, go on to witness the lovely bottle trees at Socotra Island. Pray at the Al-Saleh Mosque in Sanaa and explore the old city of Sanaa in Yemen. The Yemeni fortress and the Socotra Island also should definitely find a place in your itinerary. The beautiful beaches and the lovely harbours, all prepare you for the perfect experience that you can have in the last-exploring the beautiful Gulf at Aden City.

Get in and around

The best answer for how to reach Yemen is through an Emirates flight that operates daily from Dubai to Sanaa. You can also enter by car, boat or bus. You can take a ferry from Djibouti but it is highly uncomfortable. Getting around Yemen is difficult due to the number of travel permits that you require. Even though there are raxis available, the public transport is not very efficient here. The country is connected via local buses and there are no trains within Yemen. Remember to avoid travelling at night, unless absolutely necessary.

Hotels and Food

There are plenty of hostels available for budget accommodation and there are also various mid range along with luxury hotels available if you wish to shell out little more. Food is quite cheap, but the availability of food is in abundance. Remember to try out the Bint Al Sahn and the Qat Leaf(a local drug).