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1 Day in Aachen

Walking along the lovely winding paths of Aachen, you will be certainly transported back to the time of Charlemagne's Frankish empire. The lovely city is located where three countries, namely Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands meet. Being home to the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of Germany, the city attracts plenty of tourists. If you are planning to spend 1 day in Aachen, then here are a few attractions that you must add to your itinerary.

What to see in 1 day in Aachen?

Aachen Cathedral

This is a Roman Catholic church in Aachen dating back to the year 805. This is the first attraction in Germany to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church showcases a beautiful amalgamation of Carolingian, Ottonian, Gothic styles of architecture and makes for a spectacular sight to behold. The cathedral has Palatine Chapel or Carolingian Octagon located at its center. There are numerous chapels surrounding the octagon. These include Chapel of St Matthew, Chapel of Hungary, Chapel of St Anne, Chapel of St Nicholas & St Michael, and many more.

Aachen Treasury

Located within the site of Aachen Cathedral, this treasury is home to some of the most important medieval church artworks in Europe. The collection consists of artifacts from Late Antique, Carolingian, Ottonian, Staufen, and Gothic times. A few of the significant exhibits include the Gothic Bust of Charlemagne, the Ottonian Cross of Lothair, and the Hunting Knife of Charlemagne along with the Olifant.


This is a historical landmark in the city of Aachen. It is a pavilion, first built in 1827 and displays Neoclassical style of architecture. Elisenbrunnen is home to two sulphurous thermal springs that can be smelled even from a distance. During World War II, this pavilion was almost completely destroyed. It was rebuilt in the 2000s.

Centre Charlemagne

If you wish to get an insight into the local history of Aachen, then Centre Charlemagne is the right place to visit. Housed in a modern building, this is a museum reopened in 2014. Right from the earliest Celtic settlements in the city to Aachen's evolution as the city of the spa in the 18th century, you can view it all here. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions that showcase a variety of artifacts.

Aachen Town Hall

Established in 1353, the Aachen Town Hall is a marvelous structure in the city. It showcases the gothic style of architecture. Locally known as Rathaus, this isn't just another government building but gives you a glimpse at the history of Aachen. The building has suffered a little but has managed to sustain the test of time. Charlemagne's imperial palace occupied the site of the town hall, before getting demolished in the 13th century.

Include these attractions in your Aachen itinerary for a day and you will be able to make the most of your limited time.

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