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5 Days in Aix-en-Provence - Perfect Vacation Guide

Nestled in southern France, Aix-en-Provence, also called Aix is known as the “university city”. The city was founded by the Romans in 123 BC. The city was former capital of Provence and has been an important part of France. As you take a stroll through the city, you will be mesmerized to see its painted villages, beautiful vineyards, and magnificent buildings. While the city is home to the symbols of natural beauty like the White Mountain, it has also given birth to the incredible artists like Paul Cézanne. If you really want to soak in the cultural and artistic vibe of France, you should plan to spend 5 days/ 4 nights in Aix-en-Provence. Take a look at this Aix-en-Provence Itinerary of 5 days to explore the best of this beautiful city!

What to see in Aix-en-Provence in 5 days?

Day 1 and 2: A Historical and Artistic Tour of the City

Before your curiosity about this “historically rich” city reaches another level, it would be a good idea to begin the very first day of your trip by indulging in the history and art of Aix. And, no other place could be better than Vieil Aix. Before finally landing at the museum, have your breakfast at one of the restaurants nearby like Bella Dona, Aix-Presso, La Bouchée Restaurant, or Restaurant Mickaël Féval. Take a stroll through the Old Town of Vieil. Stop at Cours Mirabeau to admire the beautiful buildings and head to Quartier Mazarin to see the 17th-century buildings. Click some pictures with the fountain of Place des Quatre-Dauphins. Finally, take a tour of the Museum of Vieil-Aix and marvel at the paintings, folk art, and puppetry of old times. Spend the evening shopping some local products from the street market and dine at one of the restaurants of Cours Mirabeau.

The next morning, get a “break-up” from your bed a little early to explore the natural beauty that envelops the city of Aix. Head to Montagne Sainte-Victoire, the limestone mountain ridge located in the south of France. With an altitude of 1011 meters, this mountain is the principal landmark of Aix. The mountain is also surrounded by some beautiful trails following which you can explore the places like Sainte-Victoire Priory (a 17th-century chapel), Cross of Provence, and Pic des Mouches. You can spend the day participating in activities like rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking etc.

Day 3 and 4: Admiration of Aix’s Architectures

While spending 5 days in Aix-en-Provence, a trip to Arles should be in your bucket list. Located on the banks of Rhone River, Arles houses plenty of beautiful attractions like the nature reserve of Camargue, Arles Amphitheatre, Church of St. Trophime and more. A tour of the city will let you marvel at the incredible paintings of famous French painter Van Gogh. The city, with the help of ancient ruins, will take you back to the life during the Roman era.

Only a day in Arles will not be enough to enjoy the best of this small city. Therefore, save the next day for exploring the rest of Arles. Enjoy a cycle or horse ride through the marshlands. Your next stop can be Palais des Papes, the majestic palace of Avignon. You can roam around more Gothic buildings that are located near the palace. Also stop at Glanum, the historic arch dating back to the 6th century BC. And before you come back to Aix, you should not miss a drive through the regional natural park of Luberon.

Day 5: Beaches and Port

Exploring the beaches and port of the southern coast should be the final part of your 5 days itinerary of Aix. You can start by traveling to the port town of Marseille. The town is not only famous for its Mediterranean atmosphere but also attracts plenty of tourists with its colorful markets and state-of-the-art galleries. You can also stop at one of the port restaurants to gorge on delicious French meal.

5 days in Aix are enough to experience the natural, cultural, and architectural assets of the city. This 5-day itinerary will surely help you out.

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