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3 Days in Amritsar - Perfect 72 Hours Guide

Amritsar, the holy city of India, is home to the world-famous Golden Temple. Located in the state of Punjab and 28 kilometers from Pakistan, Amritsar has been a historical city as it has been a witness to the great Indian Freedom Struggle. Amritsar is also known as Ramdaspur and Ambarsar. While the city is famous as a Sikh pilgrimage, it also houses the sites like Jalianwala Bagh and Wagah Border. If you are planning to tour this culturally and the historically significant city of Punjab, this Amritsar Itinerary of 3 days will guide you to discover the best of the city.

What to see in 3 days in Amritsar?

Day 1: Begin with the holiness

Amritsar is close to the capital city of India, Delhi. You can reach Amritsar from Delhi by road. After getting fresh, the first place you should head to is the famous Golden Temple of Amritsar. The actual name of this spiritual place is Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. The temple is called “golden” as the main sanctum of it is covered by gold foil. One of the incredible things about the temple is that it feeds around 40 thousand people every day for free despite their caste, religion, or nationality. You should definitely have your lunch here.

There is another spiritual place inside the Golden Temple complex of Amritsar. This place is called Akal Takht. This is one of the five takhts of Sikhs. The place is another good example of Sikh architecture. You will also see the main entrance to the Harmandir Sahib called Darshani Deori here. There are some more gurudwaras in the surroundings that you should drop a visit to. You can explore the market around the temple area in the evening and come to your hotel for relaxing.

Day 2: Take a historical tour

Amritsar is a historical city and during your 3 days/ 2 nights in Amritsar, you should definitely visit the historical places this city houses. You can begin this day by visiting the Jalianwala Bagh. This public garden has been kept as a memorial of the massacre happened here during the national freedom struggle. Over 1,500 innocent unarmed people died here in this cruel massacre. The memories of this tragic incident are still safe here with the help of Martyr’s Well, Monument, and bullet marks on the wall. You can know more about it and related events while you are here.

The next place of historical importance you can head to from Jalianwala Bagh is the Partition Museum. Located in the Town Hall of Amritsar, this museum displays a large collection of documents, materials, and stories related to the partition of India in 1947. Many people were killed during the partition and many became refugees.

The next and final destination of your day 2 in Amritsar can be the famous borderline of India and Pakistan called the Wagah Border. The military parade happens here between 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm. If you want to watch this life, you should reach here before an hour or more.

Day 3: Explore the rest of the attractions

During your 3 days in Amritsar, it’s equally important to visit the city’s museums, temples, parks, and enjoy the delicious specialties of Punjabi cuisine. Start the day by visiting Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. He was a significant figure in the history of India. This museum showcases his life and various other documents related to Indian history. From here, spend some time in the surroundings of Durgiana Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple. Before starting off for home, you should visit the main market area of Amritsar to shop some souvenir and satiate your taste buds with authentic “Punjabi Rasoi”.

Exploring the city of Amritsar, you will understand how rich this Indian city is cultural, natural, and spiritually. Enjoy the best of it with the help of this itinerary.

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