Bath Itinerary 3 Days

21 Oct 2016 - 23 Oct 2016 3 days Trip Expense-160000 INR

Trip at a Glance: Bath Itinerary 3 Days

Enter into an unforgettable journey of Bath as you follow this 3 day itinerary, straight from the expert travelers. During this trip, you will cover 15 attractions from Bath over a period of 3 days. This takes you to the landmark spots like Bath Abbey, The Circus And The Royal Crescent, Bristol Zoo Gardens. Along with a good mix of arts & culture, outdoors, family & kids, must see, historical, leisure, entertainment, museums activities like visit to Wills Memorial Building, you will have a splendid time on your vacation to Bath for sure.

Begin your journey with a 02.45 hrs stay at Roman Baths Museum before you hop on to the next attraction The Watershed. On your visit, make sure you taste the delectable local cuisine at some of the authentic restaurants of the city. From luxury hotels to budget hostels, Bath offer you a sojourn to remember for a lifetime. You will be so involved in exploring the nooks and crannies of Bath that you won’t even realise you have travelled an approximate distance of 160 kilometres! Want to make your trip to Bath a memorable one? Follow this 3 day itinerary with all your might!

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