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This is a glimpse of what to see in 2 days in Bath from Bath itinerary 2 days created by our travel experts. These are the attractions one must visit while planning a 2 days trip to Bath.

2 Days in Bath - Perfect Weekend Guide

Bath, a city boasting of some of the best universities in the UK is not spoken as much as when it comes to its attractions. Its plethora of medieval sights and attractions that throw light on the English culture are some highlights of this city that one must look forward to while contemplating travel here. With just the right number of sights and attractions, a good Bath Itinerary 2 Days can serve the purpose adequately. 2 Days in Bath will introduce to the city’s essence in a fair way and here’s what a Bath for two days itinerary must cover.

What to pack for 2 days in Bath vacation?

As you are going on a 2 days Bath vacation, compact luggage is ideal. Carry a backpack that can fit in your belongings or choose a compact trolley bag. You only need one pair of shoes that you're wearing, make sure you pick sturdy ones for all the walking and sightseeing. Check the live weather of Bath and pack just what's needed! Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera, you won't have time to move back-n-forth to your room to charge them. Pro Tips: Carry your Passport and photo identification proof with you at all times. Carry a Bath local map, a hard copy or in your phone.

Are 2 days enough to explore Bath?

It is slightly difficult to explore the entire city in 48 hours time, but you can easily visit the hand-picked 8-10 points of interest in Bath on your trip. You will have to travel a bit if you want to cover all the popular places in Bath within 2 days. So, if you have any particular place in mind, then plan your Bath visit accordingly. If it is a weekend trip, check for special events happening and plan accordingly.

Trip Budget for a weekend trip to Bath?

Bath weekend itinerary budget would vary from is USD 360 to USD 574 as per your choices. There are enough free places in Bath to ensure that unless there’s an exhibition or event you really want to see, paying is unnecessary.

How to spend 2 days in Bath?

Day 1

Commence your first day in Bath by heading to the iconic Roman Baths Museum. This is a museum that brings forward the English and Roman association in the most beautiful and preserved manner. Sprawling well over and under the modern street level, this bath features four main highlights that you must check out. This is a lovely way to start your day with before you proceed to other attractions of the city like the Brunel’s S S Great Britain, which is a fabulous museum and ideal for your next stop. Counted among the best things to do in Bath with kids, the Brunel's S S Great Britain is set in an awe striking ship, which also happens to be the longest passenger ship in the world.

Bath’s museums make it a lovely city to explore with kids, certainly shaping their interests and thus your next stop in the afternoon should be the delightful M Shed, Princes Wharf. Displaying a fabulous exhibit of some 3,000-odd Bristol artefacts and stories, this museum is sure to be liked by kids and adults alike. For all those who are bibliophiles, and love Jane Austen, then a visit to the Jane Austen Centre is what you should pursue next! The museum offers a fantastic insight into the writer’s life.

Conclude your day one by heading to the Sally Lunns Historic Museum And Eating House. This is a lovely sight to head as you indulge in great food, some relaxing strolls and window shopping!

Day 2

Second day in Bath beckons indulgence at the Thermae Bath Spa. Not only is this psa known for its heavenly rejuvenation but also its incredible contemporary structure. Enjoy the glorious afternoon by heading to Bristol Zoo Gardens that is home to some fifty-odd species of animals and an absolute joy to stroll at in the afternoon. Follow this visit up by visiting some of the most noteworthy landmarks of Bath - The Circus And The Royal Crescent and The Clifton Suspension Bridge. The Royal Crescent is what pictures of Bath usually depict- the representation of thirty terraced houses laid out strategically in a sweeping curve! The houses are certain to make you want more the local architecture and that is when you should head to historic street of Circus. Conclude your Bath sojourn by catching a mesmerizing sunset at the Clifton Suspension Bridge!

Money saving tips for Bath weekend itinerary:

  • Skip the restaurants and cafes for street vendors and supermarkets
  • Get 2 Day Bath transport Pass if possible which offers free public transport, free entrance to the recommended attractions
  • Couchsurfing is a great way to save loads on accommodation expenses
  • Spend More Time In Fewer Places of Bath

Where to eat in Bath if you've 48 hours?

48 hours to enjoy the culinary delights of Bath and the best you can do is opt for a buffet that offers local variety at a reasonable rate.

Where to stay in Bath for a weekend?

You can book a hotel or apartment close to bath abbey and this would save you lot of time for 2 days trip. You can also opt homestays to stay in Bath. Prices for the same may be slightly steep, but it is the convenience that matters!

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