1 Day Trip to Bejucal

03 Aug'18 to 03 Aug'18 | Last Visited 09 Dec '18 | Total Views 1
  • Friday 03, Aug Bejucal
    • 08:07 am Stay for 1 hr
      Bacardi Building

      The Bacardi building is a working office so you will not be able to enter it but is nevertheless ...

    • 6.0 km | 15 mins
      09:21 am Stay for 30 min

      Larger and more luxurious hotels can be found in this area that has more greenery and is cleaner and...

    • 3.1 km | 9 mins
      10:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Plaza De La Revolucion

      The Plaza de la Revolucion is a very important square in the city of Havana. There are several pl...

    • 4.0 km | 8 mins
      11:07 am Stay for 1 hr
      Parque Lennon

      If you are a Beatles fan (which is everybody in the world) and have always thought John Lennon di...

    • 7.5 km | 14 mins
      12:21 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      El Capitolio Havana Or National Capitol Building

      El Capitolio is the beautiful National Capitol Building of Havana. The building stands for the go...

    • 0.6 km | 7 mins
      02:28 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Habana Vieja Old Havana

      Havana has a beautiful and vibrant city center in what is known as Habana Vieja or Old Havana. Th...

    • 2.1 km | 26 mins
      04:54 pm Stay for 45 min
      Callejon De Hamel

      Callejon De Hamel is a fabulous colourful narrow alley in Havana, Cuba. The alley is a street fil...