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2 Days in Belize City - Perfect Weekend Guide

Famed to be the largest city in the country of Belize, Belize city is famous for being the former capital city of the country. While it may not be a popular tourist destination, it faces the Caribbean Sea, which is enough to drag any water lover to its shores. Once here, you will realize, that while the magic of the Sea is unmatchable, the chords of the city string right! The museums, restaurants, shops and other sites are a treat! 2 days in Belize are perfect to explore both the land and the waters, so, take a look at what all you can include in your Belize Itinerary- 2 days!

How to spend 2 days in Belize City?

Day 1: Tour the land...

The city may be small but has a number of museums and other sights that you can visit. These are some of the top places for tourists on land.

Luba Garifuna Museum :

Dedicated to the history and culture of the community of Garifuna, this museum was opened by a simple man eager to showcase his rich culture. While it may be a small center, the artifacts and exhibits give you details about the music, art, household artifacts and more.

Haulover Creek :

Flowing through the heart of the city and into the Caribbean Sea, Haulover Creek is a picturesque sight to behold. There are destinations along its banks that offer water activities, and you can also look for a quiet spot and enjoy a picnic!

Maritime Museum :

A glimpse into the history and processes involved of the maritime activities of Belize, this museum is a treat for all those interested in this subject. Models of boats, old documents, and the history of shipbuilding can be observed here.

Museum of Belize :

The Museum of Belize is located within the premises of an old prison that was built in 1854. It ventures into the famous Maya history and explores the lives of people through various artifacts.

National Handicraft Center :

Head here in the evening to shop for authentic traditional Belizean items!

Day 2: Dive into the waters!

Open to the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Belize has a number of small islands of its coast, and a few other marine sites too! While the exploration of all may not be possible, you can always choose one that suits you best!

Fort Street Tourism Village :

Meant mainly for those who travel by the cruise, this village welcomes tourists of all kinds! Water sports like diving and snorkeling are offered here. The waterfront shops and restaurants are also famous, and you can easily spend a day here.

Great Blue Hole :

The Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole which is off the coast of Belize. Known as a popular diving site, it boasts of an incredible colony of diverse species of flora and fauna. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Caye Caulker :

A laid-back island off the coast of the city, Caye Caulker is a small place where you can enjoy the sun and the sand. Remarkable beaches make for a perfect date with relaxation, and a small bar is enough in case you crave for some refreshments.

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