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7 Days in Berlin - Perfect 1 Week Guide

Rising high above the trembling history that the city has been a witness to, Berlin is now a buzzing tourist destination, well equipped with all that is required to make a tourist’s vacation here an experience filled with learning, exploring and enjoying! Boasting of being a culinary delight, the museums, the markets, the parks, and the bars make this city one of the top-ranking travel destinations! Take a look at what all you can add to your Berlin Itinerary- 7 Days and plan your tour!

What to see in Berlin in 7 days?

Top experiences in the city :

1.Trace the past :

Berlin has one of the most interesting histories. And to take a tour to all the unique, lesser known yet significant historical sites is a treat for every history lover.

2. Relax in the arms of nature :

Grunewald Forest is the largest forest in West Berlin. Known for spectacular views and exciting trails, you can spend a day here hiking, picnicking and photographing!

3. Culinary Tours :

Take a tour across the city exploring the local cuisine at the local eateries, and also go for a craft beer and breweries tour that takes you across many pubs of the city.

4. Explore the urban beauties :

Graffiti wall murals, paintings, art structures, and street art fill the lanes of the city. Set out on a self-guided tour to explore it all!

5. Be a part of the festivals :

The city celebrates joy all year round, across many platforms that encompass everything from music to films, and parades to food!

6. Museums in Berlin :

When a tourist thinks of Berlin, museums is the first thought that crosses the mind. Home to an unimaginable number of museums that explore varied subjects like history, archaeology, nature, science, art, and even food, it is hard to resist the charm of the galleries and corridors of the famous Berlin Museums. Whether it be a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Museum Island, or exploring the quirky exhibits of a lesser known one, there is much to do in 1 week in Berlin. Following is a quick list of the top museums in the city that you must visit during your vacation.

1. Käthe Kollwitz Museum

2. Neues Museum

3. Museum Berggruen

4. Topography of Terror

5. Jewish Museum

6. Allied Museum

7. The Berlin Wall Memorial

8. DDR Museum

9. Currywurst Museum

10. Pergamon Museum 

11. The Hohenschoenhausen (Stasi Prison)

7. Free things to do :

With the museums, natural sites, bars and pubs of Berlin, not to mention shopping avenues, holding the chords of the wallets of the most experienced traveler, one may start looking for budget, if not free things to do in the city. Well, you can start with a stroll along the longest part of the Berlin Wall. East Side Gallery is the last part of this monument which has been converted into an art piece and a gallery by artists from all over the world.

You can even visit the Holocaust Memorial that pays respect to the six million Jewish lives that were lost in this incident. Come summer, all the locals head to the parks of Berlin for a picnic. One of the best ways to mingle with the locals, you can plan a day out at one of the parks too!

There are some budget things in the city too. For an authentic experience of the city, be a part of the farmer’s market and visit any of the flea markets here to get the best souvenirs!

8. Unique places in Berlin :

While there are plenty of historic places to visit, natural sights to observe, and museums to learn from, there are some delightful places in Berlin for the quirky traveler. Monster Kabinett, for instance, is a gallery that is also a haunted house, giving chills to every guest who dares to enter. Liquidrom is a spa that offers its visitors to float in a salt water pool, and Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley is a canvas of walls with paintings and murals which can be found along a narrow lane beside an unpretentious cafe.

9. Shopping in the city :

From the twinkling posh shopping malls to the rugged rustic flea markets, Berlin is packed with streets and places where a tourist can shop for brands, as well as souvenirs and trinkets. Kurfürstendamm is one of the largest shopping districts in Berlin where you will get all sorts of designer items. Bikini Berlin is one of a kind mall that keeps evolving. Giving young entrepreneurs a chance to test their products, the shops, the brands, and the people keep changing! You will find some of the most unique products here.

When it comes to flea markets, there is one that is located at Mauerpark. Showcasing food, art, apparel, and antique items, it boasts of being the largest flea market in Berlin!

Transportation :

To Berlin :

By air: Berlin has 2 airports, namely Tegel International Airport and Schönefeld, that connect the city to all the major tourist destinations of the world. The airports, in turn, are connected to the city by rail, buses, as well as cars.

By rail: Berlin is connected to the rest of the country, and some major cities of Europe by rail. Trains frequently run from Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich, and Budapest.

By bus: more than 350 Europe places are connected by bus to Berlin. Berlin Linienbus is one of the top ones in this circuit.

By car: A motorway ring surrounds the city which makes access to it from Frankfurt, Prague, Leipzig and Hamburg, amongst many other destinations easy and convenient.

Within Berlin :

The entire of the city is well connected with excellent public transport of trams, rail, underground and bus. If you opt for one of the tourism city cards, you are in for a treat not only when it comes to transport, but also other tourist destinations, where you can avail of facilities at a discounted rate.

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