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2 Days in Bern - Perfect Weekend Guide

From the moment you step in Bern, you will be transported back to the 12th century. This city has been designated as the UNESCO World Heritage List for its ancient structures, clock- towers, elegant public fountains, winding cobblestone streets, picturesque natural beauty, and numerous other cultural sites. When it comes to finding hotels in Bern, you will have to keep in mind that accommodation is expensive here. Though the center of the city is dotted with good hotels, budget-travelers are recommended to choose homestays and hostels. And even though the official language of Bern is German, most of the people speak Bernese German. Remember these things while planning a trip for 2 days in Bern and you are free to follow this itinerary while wandering around Bern.

How to spend 2 days in Bern?

Day 1 In Bern

Discover the secrets of the Old Town

Dedicate an entire day to exploring the Old City. It is dotted with numerous ancient structures and it takes hours to cover everything. With only 48 hours in Bern, you can try to visit as many places as you can. Start your morning by visiting the tallest cathedral in Switzerland - Bern Minster. You will understand why this site is a Cultural Property of National Significance after taking a tour of the cathedral. Stop by Nydeggkirche for some time as this church dates back to 1340s and has become an important landmark in the city.

head towards 3rd-century medieval tower Zytglogge that is also located in the old city. This tower has been part of the history for more than 800 years. Known for having the 15th-century astronomical clock, this tower dominates the skyline of the city. Holy Ghost Church is also a must-visit when you are exploring this area. This is one of the largest Swiss Reformed churches in Switzerland and is an integral part of Bern.

Head off to Münsterplattform in the evening as this well-maintained park is an ideal place to spend some relaxing time after a hectic day. If you want to see how the nightlife in Bern is, you will find some bars and pubs around the center of the city.

Day 2 In Bern

See what other parts of Bern have to offer

Bern Rose Garden is an ideal place to spend a lovely morning. As this is one of the most beautiful parks in Bern, you will find it often crowded with locals and tourists alike. The park is equipped with a playground, picnic areas, and a restaurant. Go to Bärengraben after spending a couple hours at this park. This bear-pit was used as a housing for bear and other entertainment purposes like Bear-baiting. Though it is still in use today, it has not been as popular as it once was. But, you will learn about its historic importance while wandering the enclosures.

Your Bern itinerary for 2 days must include visiting museums in the city. You can cover a couple of major museums as these are located not far from the old town. Spend your afternoon at the Natural History Museum and head to the Bern Historical Museum that is in the proximity. If you have some free time on your hands, you can visit other nearby places like the Museum of Communication, Swiss Alpine Museums, and Kunsthalle Bern as well.

You can catch a picturesque sunset from Kirchenfeldbrücke. This bridge offers spectacular vistas of the city and will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Do not worry about traveling from one place to other as public transport in Bern is efficient. You can use trams, trolleybuses, and buses to get around. You can also opt for taxis if you want.

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