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Explore the best places to visit in 2 days in Boston with this travel itinerary for a memorable experience!

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2 Days in Boston - Perfect Weekend Guide

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the USA, is the city of revolutions and transformations. With its history of more than five-hundred years, this place has many things to offer to visitors. You may find museums and ancient houses on one street and lavish shopping malls on the very next street here. If you are spending only 48 hours in Boston, then you will find your days packed from dawn till dusk.

What to pack for 2 days in Boston vacation?

As you are going on a 2 days Boston vacation, compact luggage is ideal. Carry a backpack that can fit in your belongings or choose a compact trolley bag. You only need one pair of shoes that you're wearing, make sure you pick sturdy ones for all the walking and sightseeing. Check the live weather of Boston and pack just what's needed! Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera, you won't have time to move back-n-forth to your room to charge them. Pro Tips: Carry your Passport and photo identification proof with you at all times. Carry a Boston local map, a hard copy or in your phone.

Are 2 days enough to explore Boston?

It is slightly difficult to explore the entire city in 48 hours time, but you can easily visit the hand-picked 8-10 points of interest in Boston on your trip. You will have to travel a bit if you want to cover all the popular places in Boston within 2 days. So, if you have any particular place in mind, then plan your Boston visit accordingly. If it is a weekend trip, check for special events happening and plan accordingly.

Trip Budget for a weekend trip to Boston?

Boston weekend itinerary budget would vary from is USD 456 to USD 796 as per your choices. There are enough free places in Boston to ensure that unless there’s an exhibition or event you really want to see, paying is unnecessary.

What to See in Boston in 2 Days

How to start your morning:

Start your weekend getaway with the walking tours of the city. There are more than ten different trails that will take you to streets and will introduce you to the heritage, history, and culture of Boston. JFK trail will take you to all the places President John F. Kennedy used to visit whereas Walk the Freedom Trail will give you a chance to see more than 15 historically significant sites.

After you have explored the city on foot on the first day, it's time to go pedalling on the second day. Swan Boat in a pond in the Public Garden in Boston has become the symbol of culture and history of the city. The boats are simple, and a ride hardly lasts for half an hour, but these boats are operating since 1877 and make for a peaceful experience. You can walk around the park after your ride and soak yourself in the tranquil atmosphere.

What to visit in the afternoon:

Streets of Boston are known for having some the delicious food trucks in the area. You must grab your lunch here to know the mouth-watering taste of local as well as international dishes and that too at pocket-friendly rates. Your 2 days in Boston itinerary must include eating at one of these trucks.

Boston can also be a cultural mecca for tourists with its numerous museums and art galleries. Boston African American National Historic Site, Boston Children's Museum, Abiel Smith School, or Commonwealth Museum are some of the places you can spend your afternoons at. Consider reserving a couple of hours on both days to understand more about the city you are visiting and learn all about its captivating background.

Places to visit in the evening:

Boston is the perfect place to go on a shopping spree. Back Bay, Faneuil Marketplace, Wrentham Village, Assembly Row, Copley Place and Prudential Center are some of the favourite shopping destinations in Boston. These places are the mix of lavish malls, lovely boutiques, small shops, and stores that will make your evening in the city delightful.
Why not go cruising in the evening in Boston? Hop on one of the extravagant cruises that adorn the harbour and witness the majestic skyline of the city like never before. Watch how lights slowly start sparkling as the sun sets and how majestic skyscrapers turn into the magical looking skyline.

Experience the Nightlife:

You have already eaten at food trucks and now it's time to satisfy your taste buds with elegant dinner. Seafood is the identity of Boston and you must have it for dinner to taste the true essence of cuisine here.

As you have 2 nights to experience the nightlife in Boston, you can visit theatres and enjoy creative performances on one night and go club hopping on other. The city has bars, dance clubs, comedy clubs, movies, theatres, along with concerts and other events that will make your night happening. Let the fun start as the sun sets down.

Visiting a city like Boston where past and present coexist will give you a chance to have an exciting vacation.

Money saving tips for Boston weekend itinerary:

  • Skip the restaurants and cafes for street vendors and supermarkets
  • Get 2 Day Boston transport Pass if possible which offers free public transport, free entrance to the recommended attractions
  • Couchsurfing is a great way to save loads on accommodation expenses
  • Spend More Time In Fewer Places of Boston

Where to eat in Boston if you've 48 hours?

48 hours to enjoy the culinary delights of Boston and the best you can do is opt for a buffet that offers local variety at a reasonable rate.

Where to stay in Boston for a weekend?

You can book a hotel or apartment close to the museum of fine arts and this would save you lot of time for 2 days trip. You can also opt homestays to stay in Boston. Prices for the same may be slightly steep, but it is the convenience that matters!

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