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Here are the recent itineraries by tourists who have visited Brussels. Stop wondering what to do for 2 days in Brussels as these trip plans will help you decide easily. Select any of the customised itineraries and modify it according to your preference to have a great weekend in Brussels.

Brussels itinerary 2 Days Overview

Brussels, which is known as the city of chocolates and beer, has many surprises for tourists. It has scenic parks, unique museums, and majestic modern as well as ancient structures. If you have only 48 hours in Brussels, you need to plan your trip very carefully so that you won’t miss anything. Check out this list to know what you can do in Brussels in 2 days.

Day 1 in Brussels:

You can take the famous hop-on-hop-off bus or you can explore the city on your own. You must visit significant monuments and landmarks in the city. You can start your day by taking a walk through the streets of Brussels. The walls and roads are adorned with unique comic strips and giant replicas of classic Belgian comics are also scattered around the city centre. You can start the trail from Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art and see more than twelve comic strips around.

Go to the European Parliament to admire its magnificent architecture and grab a lunch at Place Jourdan which is famous for having refreshing coffee and delicious quick bites.

Visit the Mini-Europe in the afternoon. This theme park is famous for having tiny replicas of all popular European tourist attractions. It will take a couple of hours to wander through the park and click funny photos around.

The Grand Place or Grote Markt is a must in the evening. This beautiful square is always bustling with locals as well as tourists and as the sun goes down and square starts lighting up with lights. It is a delightful experience to come here to simply stroll around.

And how can you miss the famous beer here? The city is perfect to have a chilled glass (or two) of beer and to enjoy the enthralling nightlife. You will find clubs and bars in every part of the city and some of the popular places are also located on the outskirts. The city also has many street festivals at night where you can experience the true essence of Brussels.

Day 2 in Brussels

When it comes to making a  Brussels itinerary for 2 days, you can keep the second day simple. Get out of the city and head to the Brussels Zoo in the morning. It will hardly take thirty minutes to reach and you can spend half a day here. If you are traveling with kids, this is the best place to be. Their mini park and tree-walks are loved by locals. Come back to the city and go to the Autoworld where more than 400 vehicles are on display. You will have fun learning about the history of the automobile industry.

Palais de Justice is another significant structure in Brussels that was built in the 1880s. The impressive architecture and excellent carvings have become the identity of this building. If you visit this palace in the evening, you will get an opportunity to see the enchanting skyline of the city.

Visiting Brussels Opera in the night is a real treat for art-lovers. Visit their official website and check if there are any programs on the night you are visiting. Exploring this cultural icon of the city will be a memorable experience.

Travel tips for Brussels weekend itinerary

Buy a Brussels card and get free admission to a plethora of tourist attractions and discounted guided tours. It will also get you discounts at hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. Collect this card on the first day as this will make things easier for the rest of your trip.

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If you are planning a trip for more than 2 days in Brussels, check out travel ideas for Brussels itinerary 3 days & 4 days in Brussels.

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