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Budva is one of the most coveted destination in the world to make your visit. Populated with a number of attractions and sights to visit, this city appeals to the imagination of many tourists from around the world, leaving you spell bound. From stunning architectural attractions to engagingly historical such as Altstadt, Stari Grad, Ballet Dancer Statue, from a dazzling nightlife to open spaces such as Altstadt, Citadel, Tara Bridge, the city brims with attractions that can make up your perfect itinerary. There are other fabulous attractions in Budva such as that you can add to your travel plans. Where’s the fun in restricting yourselves to just the top attractions? Go off the path and explore the pulse of the city like never before. It is always good to know travel tips of the city you intend on visiting - from its currency and emergency contact numbers to its tipping etiquettes and internet connectivity. Good mood is directly proportional to good food. And, Budva has good food in plenty. Try out on some popular restaurants like and pamper your taste buds like there's no tomorrow! While in the city, you can also take guided tours to various attractions. On a vacation, you want to make most of your time exploring the best of attractions rather than standing in a queue. To save your precious vacation time, you can pre-book your visits with these skip the line tickets .

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These trip plans of Budva are the best way to explore the city in 5 days. Created and curated by users and travel experts across the world, these itineraries can serve as an ideal trip planning template for Budva. Offering you the essential travel information including which attractions to visit in a short-span, the best ways to travel from one attraction to other and the total distance travelled in a day, these trip plans also have information about the ideal accommodation and restaurants of the city.

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Choose from a range of frequently added attractions in Budva that range from historical to natural, from fun filled to the most popular and create the best trip plans for you.

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