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We are trying to help you in making the best of your 1 day in Canberra. These are the most preferred places to visit in Canberra in 1 day by fellow travelers and experts. Even though one day in Canberra may not prove to be sufficient, one can still explore the highlights of Canberra.

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A Day in Canberra - Perfect 24 Hours Guide

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Yes, you heard it right! It’s not Sydney, not Melbourne, but Canberra. And yet, this city does not garner attention that it much deserves. It has many sights to visit that give you an insight into its art and culture. From architectural accomplishments to natural attractions, Canberra has it all to keep you indulged. If you are planning to spend one day in Canberra, then here are a few places that you must visit during your day trip.

How to spend 1 day in Canberra?

Old and New Parliament Houses

Start off your 24 hours in Canberra by visiting The Old Parliament House in Canberra which served as the seat of Government between 1927 to 1988. It now houses the Museum of Australian Democracy which gives you an insight into the country’s legislation. Stepping into the building, you will be transported back to the olden times, looking at the antique interior designs. The New Parliament House was constructed between 1891 to 1988. The structure speaks of the extravagant amount of work put into building it. It is a spectacular piece of architecture and an awe-inspiring sight to behold. You will find guided tours of this place being offered at regular intervals throughout the day.

Australian War Memorial

Later you can visit the Australian War Memorial, which is considered to be a significant monument, not only in the city, but the entire world. Built in 1941, this memorial is dedicated to Australia’s armed forces who laid their lives during wars for the Commonwealth of Australia. The memorial is comprised of the commemorative area, a national military museum, and research center. The memorial also includes a sculpture garden.

Canberra’s Galleries

Canberra can prove to be an art lover's paradise. It has many small galleries scattered all over the city, but a few of the must-visit include the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia. The National Portrait Gallery was established in 1998 and as its name suggests is home to many portraits. These portraits comprise sculptures, busts, and many paintings that depict a variety of cultural aspects of Australia. The National Gallery of Australia was established in 1967 and has more than 166,000 art pieces. It is one of the largest galleries in Australia and its collection includes Australian art, sculpture garden, modern art, eastern art, western art, Pacific arts, photography, and crafts.

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is a man-made lake which was created in the 1960s. Centrally located in Canberra, it is a great place to enjoy some great time with family and friends. The lake offers many recreational activities including yachting, windsurfing, and kayaking. It also has a paved track around its perimeter which is ideal for cycling. Visiting the lake, you will also see many fishing enthusiasts here.

National Zoo and Aquarium

If you are in Canberra with kids, then the National Zoo and Aquarium is the best place to visit. It is privately owned and is spread over a vast land of 47 acres. Apart from the extensive marine life, this zoo is home to about 150 wild animals. Visit the zoo and you will be able to witness lions, tigers, leopards, kangaroos, deer, alpacas, giraffes, zebras, and many more. While you will see many marine and freshwater fish in the aquarium, the aviary in the zoo has peafowl, musk lorikeet, bush stone-curlew, tawny frogmouth, satin bowerbird, and many other bird species on display.

Add these attractions to your Canberra itinerary of one day and be ready to have a great time in the capital city of Australia.

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Apart from the general sightseeing, your vacation to Canberra can be enriched by booking tours such as

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