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A Day in Cannes - Perfect 24 Hours Guide

Popularly known as the host of the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes is an amalgamation of natural beauty, modern buildings, and luxury. While the pristine beaches of Cannes make it a perfect weekend destination for the Europeans, its historical buildings, streets, and markets are favorite to many history buffs. Although Cannes is the place where you would want to stay forever, we can help you explore the best attractions just within 1 day in Cannes. Take a look at this Cannes itinerary of 1 day and see what you can do here in a short period.

How to spend 1 day in Cannes?

1. Walk through Marche Forville and enjoy a coffee

Marche Forville is a local market in Cannes and what could be a better way to start the morning than enjoying the sight of fresh vegetable and flowers here. Morning is the best time also because, during the peak time, the market gets crowded soon. The market is lined by a number of stalls selling fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, seafood, and local products. You will also find fine varieties of cheese at a good price in this market. Spend 45 minutes in this market and have your breakfast at one of the cafes.

2. Capture the panoramic city from Our Lady of Esperance

Walk for only 5 minutes and you will reach the Church of Our Lady of Esperance. While the magnificent structure of this Gothic-style church is something you will not stop marveling at, its beautiful location enables you to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The church is located in the old town atop a hill. The bell tower and arches of the church are its most impressive features. Spend 30 minutes of the afternoon in its surroundings.

3. Take a tour of Musee de la Castre

Whoever is spending 24 hours in Cannes never wants to miss visiting this incredible museum. Musée de la Castre is a 19th-century castle that is now used as a museum making people familiar with the art and culture of France. The medieval tower of this castle is home to some of the best items related to the art, music, and ethnography of the country. The staff will tell you the interesting details of the items on display. Besides, you can climb to the top of the watchtower and gaze at the beautiful city. The entire tour will take almost 2 hours.

4. Hang out at Le Vieux Port

Watching hundreds of boats dotting the old port of Le Vieux is one of the unique things you will do in Cannes. The port was built in the 1950s and plays an important role in the transportation service of Cannes. The port also has some upscale restaurants and bars where you can have your lunch. Also, indulge in shopping the local products from the shops located here. If you are here in September, you would love to attend the yacht festival.

5. See the real Red Carpet

If you are a movie buff and follow what happens at the Cannes Film Festival, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is a must -visit for you. A 10 minutes’ walk from the port will take you to this venue. This event hall has got an excellent location. In addition to the film festival, some other popular events and festivals are organized here. Check the schedule before you go here. You may witness some famous celebrities!

6. A peaceful time at Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage

Less than 5 minutes from the event hall and you will reach the famous Gothic-style Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage. The church was built on the ancient site of a 17th-century chapel. Spend some peaceful time admiring the intricate walls of this church.

7. Sunset at Croisette Beach

As your one day in Cannes comes to an end, you can head to the Croisette Beach to witness the beauty of French skies showing vibrant colors during the sunset. Walk on the beach or just relax gazing at the landscape. You can also dine at one of the restaurants like Plague du festival or La Mome.
Cannes is a beautiful resort town and is surrounded by some islands that you can explore while you are here for more days. This one-day itinerary of Cannes has covered the famous attractions inside the city.

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