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This is a glimpse of what to do in Changsha in 3 days. We have mentioned some of the frequently added attractions in Changsha that range from historical to natural, from fun-filled to the most popular. Explore more travel ideas for a perfect 3-day Changsha itinerary.

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3 Days in Changsha - Perfect 72 Hours Guide

The capital city of China’s Hunan province, Changsha is a historical city that dates back to the 256 B.C. Featuring a rare collection of centuries-old sites, this medieval town is very well preserved even today. The city is located on the banks of Xiāng River and has been home to the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 B.C.)

Today the city receives a lot of tourists that come specially to see its many ancient academies, temples, and even tress. The city does have its brush with modernity, thanks to being named the capital of the Hunan province. Here is 3 days in Changsha Itinerary that will ensure that you do not miss out on all the important places to visit in the city.

What to see in 3 days in Changsha?

Day 1 In Changsha

Start your day 1 by visiting the Orange Isle. Located in the center of Xiangjiang River in Changsha City, this island is the biggest inland island in China and is hence also called the “First Island in China”. Attractions on this island include a Southeast Asian style beach park with many tropical trees, a 100 feet water fountain, Mao Zedong’s Statue that is built is reinforced concrete and is 93 meters tall, a river watching pavilion, a 180-year-old witness tree, and the Orange Isle Fireworks Show that happens every Saturday at 20:30.

Day 2 In Changsha

Located on the west bank of the Xiang River, on day 2, visit the Yuelu Mountain. This big and beautiful mountain is full of interesting Chinese history. The mountain is dotted with many historic sites like Yuelu Academy – a 1000-year-old and one of the first four ancient academies in China, the Lushan Temple – A 1700-year-old temple belonging to the Western Jin Dynasty era, Yunlu Palace, Aiwan Pavilion – A 250-year-old pavilion belonging to the Qing Dynasty, and the Monument to King Yu. In the evening, you can visit the nearby Huangxing Road for some shopping.

Day 3 In Changsha

On the last day of your 72 hours in Changsha, visit the Dongting Lake. Start your day early as this lake is located at a 3-hour drive from the city. This lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China. The lake is located in the flood-basin of the Yangtze River and hence is a popular gateway for bird-watchers. Dongting Lake is spread over the area of 1,300 square kilometers and it is here that the Dragon boat racing is said to have begun in the earlier centuries. A few points of interest here include the island of Junshan, Yueyang Pavilion, Junshan Mountain, Tomb of Du Fu, Wen Temple, and Longzhou Academy.

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