Chania Itinerary 2 Days

This is a glimpse of what to see in 2 days in Chania from Chania itinerary 2 days created by our travel experts. These are the attractions one must visit while planning a 2 days trip to Chania.

2 Days in Chania - Perfect Weekend Guide

Flaunting wonderful landscapes with mountains on one side and the waters on the other, Chania is a quaint little town packed with the best flavours, and 2 days in Chania are perfect to explore it all, making it ideal for a weekend trip. Historical sites, museums, cafes and the shoreline offer much to do and even more to explore. While the Old Town is perfect for a walking tour, while the entire city is brought out in a different light when you are on a bike!

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What to pack for 2 days in Chania vacation?

As you are going on a 2 days Chania vacation, compact luggage is ideal. Carry a backpack that can fit in your belongings or choose a compact trolley bag. You only need one pair of shoes that you're wearing, make sure you pick sturdy ones for all the walking and sightseeing. Check the live weather of Chania and pack just what's needed! Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera, you won't have time to move back-n-forth to your room to charge them. Pro Tips: Carry your Passport and photo identification proof with you at all times. Carry a Chania local map, a hard copy or in your phone.

Are 2 days enough to explore Chania?

It is slightly difficult to explore the entire city in 48 hours time, but you can easily visit the hand-picked 8-10 points of interest in Chania on your trip. You will have to travel a bit if you want to cover all the popular places in Chania within 2 days. So, if you have any particular place in mind, then plan your Chania visit accordingly. If it is a weekend trip, check for special events happening and plan accordingly.

Trip Budget for a weekend trip to Chania?

Chania weekend itinerary budget would vary from is USD 254 to USD 422 as per your choices. There are enough free places in Chania to ensure that unless there’s an exhibition or event you really want to see, paying is unnecessary.

How to spend 2 days in Chania?

Day 1

Start your tour with a heavy breakfast at Alcanea café. While it is actually an upscale boutique hotel, you can visit its cafe for a relaxing, waterfront meal. Spend the morning in the area exploring the different historical sites and museums. Some of the sites that you must visit are Ottoman fountain, Cavalier Santa Katerina, San Salvador, and Talos Square Fountain. There are two museums in the vicinity of the cafe, namely, Byzantine Collection, and Nautical Museum of Crete. While the former is an art museum that houses an extensive collection of paintings, relics, mosaics and more, the latter is focused on the evolution of maritime in the country and world. It displays information and artefacts from the Bronze Age, and also has a number of models of ships and boats.

After lunch, head to Schiavo for a spectacular elevated view of the Old Town. relax here for some time, before heading to the Archaeological Museum of Chania. Housed in the building that was formerly a Venetian Monastery, this museum is specific to the items found in this area by the Romans and the Minoans. This evening, head to Daliani Street for a glimpse of the nightlife. Locals head out to these areas to meet one another, and it is a great place to make some new friends! The street is also packed with some great restaurants and bars. Head to Kibar and The Well of the Turk for a good sip of a brew and a bite of the most delicious traditional food.

Day 2

Set out on a biking tour across the city this morning. The cobblestone streets, the narrow winding lanes and the towering residential old buildings make for a perfect setting. Head to the Old Town and visit all the significant sites. Some of those are Museum of Typography, Byzantine Walls of Chania, and Mosque of the Janissaries. For lunch, head to Adespoto Music Taverna, a live music restaurant. Traditional food served with gracious smiles makes an experience here much more than just a lunch.

Set out on the bike again and pay a visit to the famous lighthouse. Built in the 16th century, it is located on the tip of the isle, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

The city is known for its several open-air theatres, and a trip here would be incomplete without a show. Catch the evening show at any of the open-air theaters and have a romantic waterfront dinner.

Money saving tips for Chania weekend itinerary:

  • Skip the restaurants and cafes for street vendors and supermarkets
  • Get 2 Day Chania transport Pass if possible which offers free public transport, free entrance to the recommended attractions
  • Couchsurfing is a great way to save loads on accommodation expenses
  • Spend More Time In Fewer Places of Chania

Where to eat in Chania if you've 48 hours?

48 hours to enjoy the culinary delights of Chania and the best you can do is opt for a buffet that offers local variety at a reasonable rate.

Where to stay in Chania for a weekend?

You can book a hotel or apartment close to botanical park of crete and this would save you lot of time for 2 days trip. You can also opt homestays to stay in Chania. Prices for the same may be slightly steep, but it is the convenience that matters!

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