5 Day Trip to Chembarambakkam

01 Jun'18 to 05 Jun'18 | Last Visited 29 Jan '23 | Total Views 1
  • Friday 01, Jun Chembarambakkam
    • 09:00 am Stay for 1 hr

      Kancheepuram is not as developed or become as modernized as Chennai. It does not have discos or n...

    • 4.8 km | 7 mins
      10:06 am Stay for 30 min
      Crystal Bar And Restaurant

      Crystal Bar & Restaurant near Kancheepuram GPO need to be mentioned specially.

    • 19.7 km | 38 mins
      11:14 am Stay for 1 hr

      Dakshin specializes in ethnic coastal and regional cuisines and is an absolute treat. Dakshin only s...

    • 2.8 km | 10 mins
      12:24 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Ashtalakshmi Temple

      Dedicated to the Indian deity of wealth, the AshtalakshmiKovil is a beautiful burst of colour upo...

    • 1.2 km | 15 mins
      01:39 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Besant Nagar Beach

      Perfect to escape the hysteria of the city, Besant’ Nagar’s Elliot beach is one of th...

    • 2.9 km | 12 mins
      02:51 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Kalakshetra Foundation

      It is no news, how dance is a big and celebrated form of art in the South of India, and especiall...

    • 5.8 km | 17 mins
      05:08 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      The Anna Centenary Library

      Named after former Chief Minister C. N. Annadurai, the Anna Centenary Library is an established s...

  • Saturday 02, Jun Chembarambakkam
    • 09:00 am Stay for 45 min
      The Grt Regency Hotel

      Though there are no luxury hotels in the city, Kancheepuram has few good hotels and lodges for th...

    • 44 m | 1 min
      09:45 am Stay for 30 min
      Hotel Saravana Bhavan

      One of the reliable hotel where the visitor can get good food, hygiene and good surroundings is H...

    • 75.4 km | 1 hour 58 mins
      12:13 pm Stay for 30 min
      Birla Planetarium

      Spend an evening stargazing at Chennai’s Birla’s Planetarium and watch the cosmos in ...

    • 5.8 km | 17 mins
      01:00 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      T Nagar And Ranganathan Street

      Everyone loves a good bargain, which is exactly what you’ll get on Ranganathan Street, loca...

    • 5.8 km | 17 mins
      03:17 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Government Museum

      Located in Chennai’s neighbourhood of Egmore, the Egmore museum or the Government Museum of...

    • 5.7 km | 16 mins
      05:03 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Vivekananda House

      A Chennai attraction dedicated to the Indian Hindu monk, Swami Vivekananda, the Vivekananda House...

  • Sunday 03, Jun Chembarambakkam
  • Monday 04, Jun Chembarambakkam
  • Tuesday 05, Jun Chembarambakkam
    • Stay for 03:18 hrs
      Idle Time

      Additional time available for you to plan. Just drag and drop any place into your itinerary to use up the available free time.

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      12:18 pm Stay for 5 hrs

      Chennai most buzzing and culturally eclectic neighbourhood, Mylapore also happens to be one of th...

    • 2.9 km | 12 mins
      05:30 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple

      As you begin to explore Chennai, you will realize that there are several temples sprawling across...