Best of 6 Days in Choeng Thale

6 Days in Choeng Thale Vacation Guide

A blend of vibrant colours and serene nature, ancient history and modern glamour, and the deep cultural roots that strive towards progress, Choeng Thale is one of the best places to vacation. With almost a week at your disposal, you can roam through its streets, feast on its traditional delicacies, and dive into its culture. With the world’s best monuments ready to woo you, and the enchanting legends that find their origin here, be ready to be mesmerized by every small corner of the brilliant city of Choeng Thale.

Know before you go on a trip to Choeng Thale

Six days is a long time to spend and with the wonderful, but slightly unpredictable weather of Choeng Thale, it is always recommended that you go prepared. So, dress according to the weather, carry some warm clothes for the evenings and elegant attire for some fine places that you may want to explore. In case you want to enjoy some adventure or sport activities, dress comfortably! Keep a tiny backpack with all your essentials like water bottle, meds, camera and all that you may need while you traverse through Choeng Thale. Any amount of time is less to experience the magic of Choeng Thale. Having said that, 6 days is enough to get a glimpse of the culture that is hidden beneath the “touristy” spots. Indulge in walking or biking tours, nature stays, restaurant hopping and other such offbeat activities. Keep your plan flexible and make the most of these days in Choeng Thale.

What to see in Choeng Thale in 6 days?

All the important tourist attractions like Dreams Beach Club Phuket Restaurant & Beach Club, The Corner, Canal Village Laguna Shopping, Choeng Thale City Center must not be missed! Out of the 6 days that you spend in Choeng Thale, you can spend a couple of days exploring Soi Cherngtalay 12, Soi Cherngtalay 16, Reggae Bar. Do make it a point to include Catch Beach Club and Laguna Grove along with Tony’s Restaurant, as you will get a glimpse of the real Choeng Thale here. And, after you have covered all these reputed monuments, escape into the lesser known reserves of nature, adventure and culture.

Things you should NOT do in Choeng Thale

One thing that you should not do when you are in Choeng Thale, is spend too much time huddled up in your hotel room, when the entire city is calling out to you. Compromise on sleep, and explore as much as you can! Don't miss out on the popular tourist attractions, but also take some time out to understand the authentic culture. And last but definitely not the least, don't forget your camera and journal, as recording these special experiences is part of the journey!

Modes of transportation in Choeng Thale

The best way to explore Choeng Thale is on foot. But don’t hesitate to avail of public transport, as the city has excellent transport network. You can also hire a bike or a car, or even take a taxi to get around Choeng Thale.

Dining and shopping on holiday in Choeng Thale

A vacation of 6 days in Choeng Thale gives you ample opportunities to understand, try and indulge in the traditional delicacies. If you don't mind spending a couple of more bucks, opt for one meal to be of fine dining. Ask the locals and your hosts about the speciality of the city, and set out on a gastro-journey! Shopping in Choeng Thale is in itself an experience. Look for the city’s best artwork, it’s forte and treat yourself to such trinkets. Apparel, food items, souvenirs... you will have an array of such alluring things to shop for.

Best vacation rentals in Choeng Thale for 6 days:

Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, resorts... with such a wide variety of accommodation options in Choeng Thale, you will hardly ever have any issues. From budget to luxury, every type is available here. Keep in mind the area, the neighbourhood, and your itinerary, as you don't want to spend too much time commuting. Since you'll be in Choeng Thale for quite some time, you can try various types of hotels to have different experiences! Book in advance to get the best deals.

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Where to Go in 6 Days in Choeng Thale

Here is a list of best places to visit in Choeng Thale in 6 days. Visit popular attractions and have a memorable experience in Choeng Thale.

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