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Chur is a beautiful place to explore, be it with family, friends or alone. Feel like heading over to the city? Here are a few trip plans handpicked for you that will help you out with the what, when and where of Chur. On your quick visit to Chur, you simply should not miss out on attractions like Obere Gasse, St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral, Fine Arts Museum - Bundner Kunstmuseum. Some of the best historic attractions in the city include Obere Gasse, St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral, St. Martin Church and they totally deserve a quick visit. For outdoor lovers, attractions like Obere Gasse, St. Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral, Fine Arts Museum - Bundner Kunstmuseum are a must-visit! Some of other lesser known but equally important attractions worth visiting Chur are Lindenhof, Old Town, Lake Promenade. A visit to them will be necessary to offer you a proper perspective of the city. One of the key factors in planning a trip to Chur is to know the insider travel tips to make the experience more enriching and the travel, easier. Feel more closer to the city by relishing lip-smacking delicacies at some popular food joints such as in Chur . You can check the various restaurants offering local cuisines so that your trip is nothing short of a delicious experience. While in the city, you can also take guided tours to various attractions. Since you have a short span to cover this city, you can opt for skip-the-line access tickets such as to the top attractions of the city.

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These trip plans of Chur are the best way to explore the city in 7 days. Created and curated by users and travel experts across the world, these itineraries can serve as an ideal trip planning template for Chur. Offering you the essential travel information including which attractions to visit in a short-span, the best ways to travel from one attraction to other and the total distance travelled in a day, these trip plans also have information about the ideal accommodation and restaurants of the city.

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