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Geiranger owns a proud place in the bucket list of all travellers. Lined up with beautiful attractions that are set to awe you on your visit, the city is really worth the hype! Walking around the alluring city of Geiranger, you would realize that 2 days would be too less to view its stunning attractions and prominent sights. Since the city revels in too many attributes, it is better to stay here for a few more days and to capture its essence. What makes Geiranger a dream destination is the sheer presence of different attractions like Geiranger Fjord, Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau, The Seven Sisters that range from historical to scenic and from nightlife to shopping. You can also pick attractions like Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau, Geiranger Adventure, Skagefla to pump up your adrenaline on your vacation. To reward yourself after an eventful day, you can enjoy entertainment activities at attractions such as Geiranger Fjord, Ornevegen-ornesvingen, Norsk Fjordsenter. Some of other lesser known but equally important attractions worth visiting Geiranger are The Flam Railway, Fjord Safari, Stegastein Viewpoint. A visit to them will be necessary to offer you a proper perspective of the city. It is always good to know travel tips of the city you intend on visiting - from its currency and emergency contact numbers to its tipping etiquettes and internet connectivity. On a vacation, you want to make most of your time exploring the best of attractions rather than standing in a queue. To save your precious vacation time, you can pre-book your visits with these skip the line tickets . To make the most out of a destination, you sure want to cash in on the most within the least time possible! Thus, pre-planning your modes of transport in the prospective city, is always a good idea. You can never go wrong with local public transport, which is not only convenient but you also save big bucks through these. Convinced? Here are all the how to reach options of Geiranger. If you thought, 2 days is enough to explore the city to its fullest, gear up for few surprises! You'll want to come back for more!

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