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5 Days in Genoa - Perfect Vacation Guide

Bringing to you the best of Italy’s northern coast, Genoa lies much up north to the very popular Cinque Terre. Holding great relevance for being one of the biggest and busiest ports in the Mediterranean region, Genoa is also monikered as “La Superba”, which literally translates to “the proud one”. Bits and pieces of this port town are listed under the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The port town indeed boasts of a lot of marine attractions in the form of museums, lighthouses along with the quintessential European piazzas and galleries throwing light on indigenous art forms. 5 Days in Genoa will bequeath you with a fabulous Italian rendezvous and listed below is a list of attractions what an ideal Genoa Itinerary 5 Days must cover.

What to see in Genoa in 5 days?

Cathedrals and Basilicas

The first two days of Genoa 5 days 4 nights can be used to explore the plethora of cathedrals and basilicas Genoa boasts of. Most of these structures don the classic Gothic-Romanesque style and are a beautiful sight to behold. Some also don the characteristics of the Baroque and Renaissance style beautifully bringing to you a lovely blend of designs and architecture styles. With this huge number of institutions, it is not surprising how Genoa has given rise to several spiritually-inclined personalities like popes, priests, archbishops, and even saints.

The most popular churches, cathedral, and basilicas include :

1. Basilica Of Santa Maria Di Castello

2. Genoa Cathedral

3. Santa Margherita Di Antiochia Church

4. Chiesa San Giorgio

5. Oratorio Di Nostra Signora Assunta

6. Chiesa San Martino d'Albaro

7. Church Of Jesus And The Saints Ambrogio And Andrea

Museums and an aquarium

Just like every European city and town, Genoa to has a gamut of museums, indeed throwing light on the indigenous art forms and works, among other interests. The third day can be ideal to cover the museums listed below along with one aquarium. While these are some of the best museums in Genoa, you can pay casual visits to the others sprawling all across the city. Most of these museums are perched in ex-villas making it a good way to explore two things in one.

The most visited museums in Genoa :

1. Genoa Aquarium

2. Galleria D'Arte Portofino

3. Royal Palace Museum

4. Galata Museum Of The Sea

Palaces and historic sites

Being in Europe you cannot skip the beckoning historical sites and thus we have listed down those that you must check out while in Genoa. You are likely to come across these several times on your exploration, however spending time here can be altered as per your interests. Should you be a history buff, you will easily find yourselves lost here! Day four can be saved to cover all these historically rich sites.

Some of the must-visit palace and historic sites in Genoa include : 

1. Palazzo Ducale

2. Castello Brown

3. Boccadasse

4. Via Garibaldi

5. Villa Del Principe

6. Castle Of Dragonara

7. Staglieno Cemetery

Important landmarks and general sites

Spend your last day on Genoa by exploring its landmarks and indulge in activities some even off the land! The waters of this Mediterranean region hold great secrets and must be checked out.

What you should miss on your last day in Genoa : 

1. Area Marina Protetta Di Portofino

2. Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli

3. Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi A Nervi

4. Spianata Castelletto

5. Old Port

Tours and Activities to Include

Traveling like a local without any help from trip planners is good. But here are some organised tours and activities that you must try

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