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3 Days in Hampi - Perfect 72 Hours Guide

Nestled on the south bank of the river Tungabhadra, Hampi is the place where you can actually travel back in time. As you walk into this ancient city of the Indian state of Karnataka, you will find an entirely new world that will take you to an ever glowing and glorious past of Vijayanagar empire. Every corner of the city is so enchanting that when you spend 3 days in Hampi, you will want to spend 3 more years or probably a lifetime exploring its magnificent temples and the “hippie” vibe. This 3-day Hampi itinerary will help you discover the most famous parts of the city in a short time.

What to see in 3 days in Hampi?

Day 1 In Hampi

Spending at least 72 hours in Hampi is the best way to take a tour of its glory and learn about the city’s history and culture. You can divide Hampi tour into 3 different parts and then start your exploration. Hampi is bisected by the river Tungabhadra and while there are plenty of archaeological sites on one side, the hippie culture can be the best experience on the other. On the first day of your trip, you can explore the Lotus Mahal and nearby area. It would be the best to start the day by visiting Kamalapur where you will find the Pattabhirama Temple. The majesty of the temple is incomparable. The Octagonal Bath can be your next destination where you will see an ancient fountain in the middle. Close to it is the historic Queen’s Bath. From here, you can take a walking tour of other attractions that are located on the same campus. This includes the Royal Enclosure of Hampi, Stepped Tank, Mahanavami Dibba, King’s Audience Hall, Hazara Rama Temple, Underground Shiva Temple etc. Take a small ride to the world-famous Lotus Mahal to admire its intricate carvings. Inside its campus, you will find the Zanana Enclosure, the Watch Tower, and Elephant Stable. If you have booked an accommodation on the other side of the river, make sure to arrive before sunset as the boats do not operate after this.

Day 2 In Hampi

You can begin this day by at Vijaya Vittala Temple as morning would be the best time to experience its musical pillars and see the stone chariot. At a short distance from this is the historical King’s Balance. Take a small ride to the Mathanga Hill from here to enjoy cliff jumping and hiking. There are plenty of temples in and around the hill such as the Achyutaraya Temple, Hanuman Temple, Maramma Temple, and Monolithic Bull. Head to the Krishna Temple in front of which you will see an ancient market. You can also stop at the Pushkarini lake. After visiting more temples nearby, it’s time to head to the most famous and incredible temple of Hampi- the Virupaksha Temple. It will be an experience for a lifetime to visit this 7th-century temple. There is a Shiva Temple and Vidyaranya Temple nearby. Catch the sunset from the Sunset Point close to the Virupaksha Temple and move straight to the Hampi Bazar to shop some colorful handicrafts. The tour of the market itself is a tour of India’s rich culture.

Day 3 In Hampi

Save this day to take a tour of the “Hippie Island” of Hampi- the other side of the river. It this part of the city is surrounded by fields and has good roads, it would be a good idea to rent out a bike and explore the place like a local. First, visit the village of Anegundi where you will find the tombs of nine Hindu Madhwa Saints, Suryanarayana Temple, and Gagan Mahal. On the way back, you can stop at the Pampa Sarovar for some time. When your 3 days/ 2 nights in Hampi come to an end, you may want to capture the 360-degree view of the city and that you can do from the Monkey Temple of Anjaneya Hill. Start riding to Sanapur lake which is the most picturesque place you will visit in Hampi. You will find plenty of coconut fields on the way and can enjoy their fresh juice along with traditional South Indian cuisine. And, not only the traditional varieties, Hampi is where you will get different tastes from around the world.

From ruins to lakes and temples to restaurants, Hampi has everything you need for an insightful and fun-filled holiday.

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