Trip to Incheon

28 May'16 to 31 May'16 | Last Visited 23 Feb '20 | Total Views 66
  • Saturday 28, May
  • Sunday 29, May
    • 09:30 am Stay for 2 hrs
      The War Memorial Of Korea

      One of the darkest phases in the history of this country is extremely well documented in this mus...

    • 3.98 km | 7 mins
      11:37 am Stay for 2 hrs

      Bugaksan or the Seoul Fortress Wall is one of the iconic tourist destinations in Seoul. This plac...

    • 38.82 km | 1 hours 20 mins
      02:57 pm Stay for 2 hrs

      It is the official Chinatown in Incheon, came into existence with the opening of the Incheon Port...

  • Monday 30, May
    • 08:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Yonggungsa Temple

      This temple is closely located to Incheon International Airport and sits on the northeastern slop...

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      09:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Jeondeungsa Temple

      Originally this temple was known as Jinjongsa during Goryeo dynasty. It is located in Samrangseon...

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      10:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Ganghwa Peace Observatory

      Like many other tourist attractions of Incheon, Ganghwa Peace Observatory also holds an important...

    • 75.07 km | 1 hours 33 mins
      12:33 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      N Seoul Tower

      The CJ Seoul Tower or the Namsan Tower as it is commonly called is an observation and communicati...

  • Tuesday 31, May
    • 09:00 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Bomunsa Temple

      Located at Seokmodo Island, Bomunsa Temple was built by the Great Buddhist priest, Hoejong Daesa....

    • 79.51 km | 1 hours 30 mins
      01:30 pm Stay for 2 hrs

      This area is located in the Yongsan-gu district of Seoul. Although some people consider a few are...

    • 37.55 km | 1 hours 4 mins
      04:34 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall

      This memorial hall was built to commemorate the brave soldiers who fought for South Korea in Inch...

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      06:04 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall

      This memorial hall was opened on March 5, 2010 in honor of the makers who worked behind the const...