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2 Days in Ipoh - Perfect Weekend Guide

Ipoh, famous as the gateway to the Cameron Highlands hill station, is often touted to be the gastronomical paradise in Malaysia. In addition to the huge variety of food found here, the culture and the sightseeing prospects are equally interesting. The warm people, the rich heritage, and the gorgeous natural beauty in the form of cave temples and lakes add to the attractiveness of Ipoh. Using this Ipoh Itinerary 2 Days, plan a memorable weekend getaway to Ipoh!

How to spend 2 days in Ipoh?

Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

A magical tourist spot nestled atop a picturesque site, Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple is a popular attraction in Ipoh. Located inside an enormous cave full of interesting limestone structures, this temple is a sacred religious site among the Buddhist community. The Buddhist figures and figures of Chinese pantheon deities adorning the altar, the surrounding scenic lakes, and the fascinating history make it a must-visit place in this city.

Ling Sen Tong Temple

A magnificent cave temple embellished with various statues of deities, animals and other Chinese folklore characters, Ling Sen Tong Temple is a structure that emanates a soothing yet energetic aura. The statues of four heavenly kings adorning the rood of the cave, the numerous altars and praying areas dotting the premises, and a large number of stalagmites and stalactites add to the attractiveness of this temple.

Ipoh World

Offering visitors a glimpse into the heritage and social history of Ipoh, Ipoh World is a not for profit organization which runs a number of exhibitions to promote awareness about the rich legacy of Perek. A fascinating initiative which promises an interesting and an informative experience for people of all age groups and likings, Ipoh World is a popular place to visit in the city. Han Chin Pet Soo Museum is one of the most well-known initiatives of Ipoh World.

Perak Cave Temples

Inarguably the most famous tourist attraction in this region, Perak Cave Temples is a set of Buddhist temples nestled atop a scenic hill. The Sam Poh Tong is the most popular among these cave temples and it is said to be the biggest cave temple in the country. A beautiful Japanese pond full of Japanese tortoises, spectacular views of Ipoh, the 40 feet tall Buddha statue, and cave walls adorned with colorful frescos and Chinese calligraphy are the prime attractions here.

Kellie's Castle

Nestled on the site of a previous rubber estate, Kellie’s Castle is huddled amidst the lush greenery atop a hill. Despite the fact that most of it now lies in ruins, this castle, which was once a magnificent structure, still continues to draw visitors from all corners of the world, thanks to the aura of mystery surrounding it.

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