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Make your travel planning easier by using these perfect 5 days in Istanbul itineraries from our users and travel experts. Look out for wisely chosen places you would like to explore during 5 days in Istanbul.

5 Days in Istanbul - Perfect Vacation Guide

Known as the transcontinental city of Eurasia, Istanbul has a lot of historical, cultural, and economic significance for Turkey and Europe. One of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul was known as Constantinople and Byzantium earlier. Istanbul is also the main seaport of Turkey. A tour of Istanbul will let you see the impacts of various empires that ruled here. Be it its ancient domes, Roman buildings, and mosaics, everything in Turkey is unique. 5 days/4 nights in Istanbul are sufficient to explore its cultural asset. Use this Istanbul Itinerary of 5 days as a guide!

What to see in Istanbul in 5 days?

Day 1 and 2: A Historical Tour of the City

On the first day of your Istanbul trip, you can take a walking historical tour of the city’s historical landmarks. Start your morning by visiting the 6th-century tower of Galata which was originally built as a lighthouse. The tower is located close to the Istiklal Street and Taksim Square where you can take a walk as you finish exploring the history of the tower. Next, you can head to the historical bridge of Galata which separates Asia from Europe. Next to the Galata Bridge is the mosque of Yeni Camii. This beautiful mosque also offers spectacular views of the harbor and Istanbul’s skyline. You can end the first day by taking the tour of Istanbul’s Spice Market and enjoying “Turkish dinner” at one of the restaurants located here.

Get up little early in the morning to go to Rüstem Paşa Cami, another Istanbul mosque famous for its beautiful interiors. A small walk will lead you to the famous Topkapi Palace Museum where you can come face to face with the Byzantine era. The 16th-century mosque of Suleiman can be your next stop. Built-in Byzantine style, this mosque is a unique piece of architecture. End your day by enjoying a cinnamon “Bozais” at Vefa Bozacısı and gazing at the gorgeous lights of Sultanahmet square.

Day 3 and 4: Bosphorus Cruise and the Charm of Istanbul’s Markets

When you are going to spend 5 days in Istanbul, going on a one-day Bosphorus Cruise should be on your bucket list. Make sure that you book this tour in advance so that you can avoid then last-minute hustle and also get everything available at a cheaper price. The cruise will not only take you on the tour of the most beautiful sights located near the harbor but also give you an opportunity to enjoy authentic Turkish meal on the deck in its restaurant. You will see the attractions like Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Castle of Mehmet and more.

The city of Istanbul houses some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Therefore, you can plan to dedicate the 4th day of your trip to exploring the mosques like Eyüp Sultan Camii and the Fatih Mosque. While Eyup Sultan Camii is the burial place of Ebu Eyüp el-Ensari, the Fatih Mosque was constructed by Sultan Fatih Mehmet. The mosque complex also has a garden, kitchen, school, and hospital. When you are done with admiring this beautiful mosque, you can also plan a visit to the University of Istanbul. Finally, end your day with little shopping at the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Buy some crafts, jewelry, clothes, and accessories from here.

Day 5: The Artistic Istanbul

After exploring the history, spirituality, and architecture of Istanbul, it’s time to spend some time admiring the artistic grandeur of the city. For this, you can start your day by visiting the magnificent palace of Dolmabahçe. The palace will give you an insight into the life during the time of 19th-century Ottoman Empire. The best things to see here are its glass chandelier, shore facing facade, and beautifully decorated rooms. Discover interesting historical stuff available for a display in the Military Museum nearby. The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts can be another important stop for you.

The bustling city of Istanbul has so much to see that you will be enchanted by its glamour and want to stay here forever. This 5 days itinerary of Istanbul will surely help you experience the best of it.

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