Jaipur Itinerary 6 Days

19 Sep 2016 - 24 Sep 2016 6 days Trip Expense-160000 INR

Trip at a Glance: Jaipur Itinerary 6 Days

Vacation Plans Galore! This 6 day itinerary for Jaipur traverses around the best attractions and activities making it perfect for a splendid vacation. Follow this itinerary and visit some of the iconic landmarks of the city that range from important ones like Nasiyan Jain Temple, Akbar's Palace And Museum, Varaha Temple to many others. Indulge in a range of activities such as must see, arts & culture, outdoors, historical, entertainment, family & kids, museums, food & drinks, leisure, adventure activities like Pushkar Camel Safari Tour for a real treat to your travel buds. Follow the time duration of this itinerary and spend atleast 03.00 hrs at Merta and then move on to the next one for a fulfulling experience. Divulge your inner foodie, taste the local delicacies of Jaipur on your vacation. Choose the best accommodation offered in Jaipur to add to the comfort on your vacation. Exploring Jaipur will make you lose track of time and little will you realise that you have covered 404 kilometres from fiirst attraction to the last. Visit Jaipur following this itinerary and you will end up adding another successful trip to your bucket.

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