7 Day Trip to Kailua-kona

03 Sep'17 to 09 Sep'17 | Last Visited 31 Jul '18 | Total Views 10
  • Sunday 03, Sep Kailua-kona
    • 08:07 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Keauhou Shopping Centre

      If you want to experience the dynamic pulse of city, then the Keauhou Shopping centre is your pla...

    • 6.2 km | 11 mins
      10:17 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Alii Gardens Marketplace

      An Open air market place that mainly promotes the local arts, crafts and freshest produce. It is ...

    • 1.5 mi | 5 mins
      11:52 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Dons Mai Tai Bar

      Don’s Mai Tai Bar is popular for serving the best mai-tais in the city over a spectacular v...

    • 1.0 km | 5 mins
      01:57 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Hale Halawai O Holualoa Mokuaikaua Church

      The oldest Christian church in Hawaii, the Hale Halawai o Holualoa Mokuaikaua Church is the perfe...

    • 0.7 km | 3 mins
      02:59 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Kona Brewing Company

      Get the best of both worlds – Food and Beer! Take a tour of this environmentally conscious ...

    • 118 ft | 1 min
      04:00 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Mauna Kea Summit

      If you love astronomy, then the Mauna Kea Summit is your dream come true! The perfect place to se...

  • Monday 04, Sep Kailua-kona
    • 09:00 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Saddle Road

      If you love long drives, then the Saddle road is a must on your ‘to do list’ while yo...

    • 21.1 km | 25 mins
      12:24 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Kiholo Bay

      The Kiholo Bay is a one of a kind experience. If you love turtles and pristine blue waters to sno...

    • 14.0 mi | 24 mins
      02:48 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Big Island Abalone

      Abalone or ‘Ear shells’ as they are commonly known are endemic to Hawaii and are know...

    • 19.2 km | 24 mins
      04:12 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Magic Sands

      Perhaps the most unique beach in the world, the Magic Sands beach is named after the mysterious p...

  • Tuesday 05, Sep Kailua-kona
  • Wednesday 06, Sep Kailua-kona
    • Stay for 02:45 hrs
      Idle Time

      Additional time available for you to plan. Just drag and drop any place into your itinerary to use up the available free time.

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      10:45 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

      Perfect place for all the Coffee lovers! Mountain Thunder is the largest organic coffee farm in t...

    • 8.6 mi | 18 mins
      02:03 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Hulihee Palace

      Situated on Ali`i Drive, Hulihe`e Palace was the vacation residence of Hawaiian royalty and now i...

    • 27.4 km | 36 mins
      03:39 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Saint Benedict Roman Catholic Church

      Also known as “Painted Church” as the interiors of the Church are painted with Bible ...

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      08:22 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Lekele Burial Ground

      The Lekele Grounds is a historic burial site of warriors who lost their lives in the battle of 18...

  • Thursday 07, Sep Kailua-kona
  • Friday 08, Sep Kailua-kona
  • Saturday 09, Sep Kailua-kona