Kanyakumari Itinerary 1 Day

Best Places to Visit in Kanyakumari in 1 day

We are trying to help you in making the best of your 1 day in Kanyakumari. These are the most preferred places to visit in Kanyakumari in 1 day by fellow travelers and experts. Even though one day in Kanyakumari may not prove to be sufficient, one can still explore the highlights of Kanyakumari.

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Top Suggestions for Kanyakumari Itinerary 1 Day

Recent 1-Day Trips to Kanyakumari

Are you planning a day trip to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu from nearby cities like Kovalam or Trivandrum? Follow these recently created 1-day trip itineraries of Kanyakumari which covers the top tourist attractions in just 24 hours journey.

A Day in Kanyakumari - Perfect 24 Hours Guide

Kanyakumari - a charming coastal town in Tamil Nadu is southernmost tip of India. This is a land of lush green paddy fields where streets and beaches are lined with coconut trees. It is also popular as the land of temples and churches. It means, you can visit beaches, go hiking, explore the woods, and soak yourself in peace and history; All in the same town! But, if you have only one day in Kanyakumari, then follow this itinerary to make the most of your time.

It will tell you about the most important tourist attractions in Kanyakumari. Yet for the people who wish to pull this off, we have summed up our Kanyakumari itinerary 1 day that will let you experience the true colors of the city, beautifully! Gear up!

Places to Visit in Kanyakumari in One Day?

Start your morning by visiting nearby places:

Head off towards the small town of Padmanabhapuram early in the morning which is only around 30 kilometers away from Kanyakumari. It will hardly take an hour to reach this town by SH 179. The town is home to Padmanabhapuram Palace that was built around 1601 AD. This huge palace is spread over 187 acres and has a clock tower with a 300-year-old clock which is still working. You will get a chance to observe numerous weapons like swords and daggers, paintings along with ancient Chinese jars. As the palace opens at 9 AM, you can easily spend a couple of hours here.

Reserve your afternoon for stepping back in time:

Satiate your hunger at one of the traditional South Indian eateries in Padmanabhapuram Town and then visit Udayagiri Fort. The fort is only 2 kilometers from the Palace and is located almost at the center of the town. Built in the 17th century and spread over 90 acres, the fort has been saved from the ravages of time. Today, it has a small animal park on its premises making it an ideal picnic spot. There is a small pond in the fort where you can go boating as well. Your 1-day itinerary of Kanyakumari must include visiting this tourist attraction.

Do not miss a chance to watch spectacular sunset at evening:

It is time to head towards the town of Kanyakumari. Visit 18th-century Vattakottai Fort established on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a perfect point to catch a sunset. With the sea on one side and rugged hills on another side, you will fall in love with an evening sky painted with vibrant shades of orange, red, and golden. It will also give you a chance to step back in time as the fort is historically significant. You can go to the ruins of the lighthouse that is right next to the fort.

Have a romantic dinner followed by a beach walk at night:

If you are spending 24-hours in Kanyakumari, then you must experience its unique nightlife. It is not the city of bustling nightclubs and pubs. But, it is the city where you can wander on the street and soak in the local flavor. You can take a romantic walk on the beach and spend some quality time with your loved one. For all common attractions that you know about Kanyakumari, there are still some unique attractions that maybe most of you don't know. Head on and explore Kanyakumari itinerary 1 day.

Other than these places, there are other tourist attractions in Kanyakumari as well. You can also visit the Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Tsunami Memorial Park, and Gandhi Memorial Mandapam if you have some free time on your hands.

Best Hotels in Kanyakumari for 1 Day Trip

Below are some of the frequently included hotels by fellow travelers to their itineraries for 1 day trip to London. Check out the hotels that suit you and add them to your trip plan.

With More Days in Hand

If you have more than a day in hand, look out for travel ideas for 2 days in Kanyakumari or 3 days in Kanyakumari. You can plan to spend more time at the attractions you find interesting. Enjoy the local restaurants, nightlife, treks, other adventure activites and more. Check the list of top things to do in Kanyakumari.

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