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Here are the recent itineraries by tourists who have visited Kolkata. Stop wondering what to do for 2 days in Kolkata as these trip plans will help you decide easily. Select any of the customised itineraries and modify it according to your preference to have a great weekend in Kolkata.

2 Days in Kolkata - Perfect Weekend Guide

Though British left India before decades, they left a piece of their soul in Kolkata. You will find that the streets are adorned with majestic colonial structures. It is a forward-looking city with many interesting ties with past. If you are going to spend 2 days in Kolkata, you need a detailed itinerary to make the most of your time here. Follow this plan to have a perfect trip to Kolkata.

How to Spend 2 Days in Kolkata

Day 1 in Kolkata: Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge

Starting your day with a visit to Victoria Memorial is a good idea. You will learn so many interesting things about British rule in India. Built in the memory of Queen Victoria, this memorial celebrated 25 years of rule over India. Its magnificent exterior and charming interior will take you back in time. Spend a couple of hours learning about the history so that you will understand this city better.

When it's time for lunch. Do not forget that Kolkata is a heaven for seafood lovers. There are unique places in the city where you can pamper your taste buds. Visiting restaurants like Bhojohori Manna should be on your list where eating Bengali cuisine is a different experience altogether.

You can spend an afternoon at Belur Math. It is not necessary to have any specific interest in spirituality to visit this place. This thoughtfully built structure combines Hindu, Christian and Islamic architecture styles perfectly and conveys the message of religious unity and equality. The peaceful atmosphere is perfect to offer your prayers or simply soothe your mind.

After spending such a soulful afternoon, head off to iconic Howrah Bridge to experience its beauty in the evening. Constructed in 1939, the bridge has been featured in many movies and novels. The structure is also called Rabindra Setu by locals. Opt for a ferry ride between Howrah and Kolkata to see this bridge sparkling with thousands of lights. When reflected in the water, these lights create a magical picture.

Though most of the pubs, bars, and nightclubs shut their doors around 12 am, you can still party here till you drop. There are classy restaurants, hookah parlours, and lively clubs where you can dance the night away.

Day 2 in Kolkata: St. Paul's Cathedral, Fort William

This is the day to wake up early and head towards Rabindra Sarovar to be in the heart of nature. Located on the shores of the lake is a huge park that is perfect for spending a quality time with your loved ones. Visiting this place early in morning will let you see local birds and will caress you with a cool breeze.

If you are spending 48 hours in Calcutta, then visiting St. Paul's Cathedral is a must. Considered to be the first Episcopal Church in Asia, this was built in 1837. It is also one of the few places in the city where you can see the influence of Indo-Gothic style carvings. The majestic white building is often visited by locals and tourists alike. Spend a couple of hours soaking in the historical greatness.

You can also visit Fort William as it only takes a couple of hours to explore this structure. Originally built in 1696, this fort was renovated multiple times throughout the history. It still carried its ancient charm and offers stunning vistas of Ganga River.

As you have started your day early, you can still spare 5-6 hours. Now it is time to visit Science city in Kolkata. This largest science museum in the world is also the finest example of interactive educational displays. The place is open until 9 pm. So, even if you have spent a day wandering around, come here in the evening to witness this interesting city.

The streets of Kolkata never sleep and are always bustling with numerous activities. Take a walk through these winding streets to take in the real essence of the city.

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