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What to do in Kollam in 1 day?

Populated with a number of attractions, Kollam offers you a mish mash of culture, history and tradition, thereby becoming one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This is one city that definitely should find a presence in your bucket list for an ultimate travel experience. Walking around the alluring city of Kollam, you would realize that 1 day would be too less to view its stunning attractions and prominent sights. Since the city revels in too many attributes, it is better to stay here for a few more days and to capture its essence. Kollam has some of the most enticing tourist attractions, from historically inclined to architecturally marvellous, from quirky ones to mesmerising ones. Some must see attractions that you should include in your travel itinerary include Kollam Beach, Munroe Island, Tangasseri Lighthouse. Some of the other prime attractions that you should include are Tea Garden, Mattupetty Dam, Kannan Devan Tea Museum. Understand your destined city better with these travel tips for a fulfilling travel goal. Hopping on the variety of how to reach options while exploring Kollam will help you in witnessing its new side, every time. Apart from the rented cars and taxis, take a tour in a monorail or a bus and feel closer to the city as ever. And yes! Public transport is good for your wallet and environment too! After your quick visit of 1 day, you will definitelty want to re-visit Kollam all over again!

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