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2 Days in Krakow - Perfect Weekend Guide

Attractive streets, buzzing squares, and historical monuments that boast of architectural achievements - Krakow is that city in Poland which no wanderer should miss visiting during their Europe tour. As you walk along the quaint streets of Krakow, you witness its melancholic sufferings from the 20th century through the remains of synagogues.

Turn round the corner and its lively downtown will let you see a city that has risen with flying colors from its ashes. Spending 2 days in Krakow would be a treat for the art and history lovers. Read on to know how you can utilize your limited 48 hours in Krakow to the optimum.

What to See in 2 Days in Krakow

Day 1 in Krakow:

Start off your first day in Krakow by having a sumptuous Polish breakfast at The Rynek Glowny or the Main Square. Located in the heart of The Old Town, this square is one of the largest square as well as the most beautiful one in all of Europe. Devor a plate of kielbasa sausages while sitting in one of the vibrant cafes in the square. The square is surrounded by many ancient buildings and historical churches. A must-visit place in the square is the Cloth Hall which dates back to the 14th century. The building now houses a trading center and a museum. Also Rynek Underground is one fascinating attraction located beneath the market square which deserves a visit.

Next, head towards the majestic St Mary's Basilica which was built in 1347. The beauty of this brick Gothic church will leave you awestruck. After a quick lunch, head towards the Wawel Castle. This royal landmark in Krakow makes for a spectacular sight to behold. It now serves as a museum and has five separate sections. It would easily take you 4-5 hours to cover the entire estate.

As evening dawns, head towards a bar mleczny (milk bar) to taste home-cooked Polish food. Polish potato pancakes with beef goulash are one dish you must try upon visiting Krakow in Poland.

Day 2 in Krakow:

The first stop of your last day in Krakow should be Wieliczka Salt Mine. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You descend around 64 meters to 135 meters below ground to take a fascinating guided tour of an ancient salt mine. There are around 22 chambers to explore in this mine. You should then head towards the Schindler's Factory which lets you know about the life in Krakow during the Nazi occupation between 1939-1945. Through a variety of exhibits including utensils, antique furniture, and many images, this museum gives you an insight into the history of the Old Town of Poland.

After lunch, visit Kościuszko Mound which is a historical monument built between 1820 and 1823. It is erected to honor the memory of Tadeusz Kościuszko - a Polish military hero. Reserve your evening of the last day to sample the Polish food in Krakow. Wandering through the Small Market Square (Mały Rynek), you must treat yourself to Krakovian soup, pierogies' That is stuffed dumplings, and "Oscypek" that is smoked cheese.

You can opt for a food walking tour if you are visiting Krakow for the first time. This will allow you to thoroughly savor the Polish flavors in the right places. This 2-day Krakow itinerary is ideal for you to admire the royal heritage city in Poland.

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