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Here are the recent itineraries by tourists who have visited Kyoto. Stop wondering what to do for 2 days in Kyoto as these trip plans will help you decide easily. Select any of the customised itineraries and modify it according to your preference to have a great weekend in Kyoto.

2 Days in Kyoto

Divided into 5 areas from a tourism point of view, Kyoto is a unique and charming island-city in Japan that previously acted as the country’s capital. Despite being the epicenter of numerous skirmishes and fires over the centuries, Kyoto escaped unscathed during the Second World War. Boasting of impressive temples, awe-inspiring gardens, traditional teahouses, and stunning natural beauty, Kyoto beckons tourists for a charming vacation. Scroll down to the Kyoto Two-Day Itinerary to plan the best 48 hours in this picturesque city!

Day 1 In Kyoto

Begin your day with a pleasant stroll amidst Bamboo groves and gardens at Arashiyama. This is the perfect way to spend a less-touristy and a more rural and rustic morning in Kyoto. The best time to visit the forest is during the Cherry Blossom season and fall when the vivid colors pop off the trees and give this area a fairy-tale feel.

Spend time at Togetsukyo Bridge, which is Arashiyama's well-known attraction. In this area, you can find not only numerous shops and restaurants but also the famous Tenryuji Temple. From the northern end of Togetsukyo Bridge, the Sagano area starts. You can rent a bicycle and explore the quaint wooden temples, rural residential areas and lush green fields in Sagano for a pleasurable afternoon.

In the evening, head to Kinkakuji, which is one of the most magnificent temples in Japan. A World Heritage Site, the best part about this attraction is the beautiful Kyokochi Pond which mirrors the molten gold shrine.

At dusk, the setting sun wonderfully adds to the golden hues of the shrine.

Day 2 In Kyoto

Begin the second day of your travel with a visit to the lovely Fushimi Inari shrine. A 1,300-year-old inari shrine which now headquarters for 30,000 smaller inari shrines across Japan, Fushimi Inari shrine beautifully showcases the culture and traditions of Japan. A visit to this shrine bequeaths visitors with the fabulous view of the row of 10,000 red torii gates, which are a result of the popular belief that if you make and wish at this temple and donate a gate, the wish comes true.

In the afternoon, head to the 400-year old strip of markets and restaurants, the Nishiki Market. Known as one of the best markets on the island if you want to gorge on and shop for traditional Japanese fares like octopus and quail eggs.

In the evening, grab a beer and chill at one of the many establishments in Pontocho, while admiring the stunning vistas of the Kamogawa River.

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