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Check out the recently made itineraries for 7 days in Kyoto. The itineraries will help you effectively cover all the worth-visiting attractions. You can plan your activities, visits, and accommodations with the help of these.

Kyoto Itinerary 7 Days

Characterized by some of the most pristine landscapes, natural beauty and a surfeit of temples in Japan, Kyoto is picturesquely nestled on the island of Honshu. Bringing to you a plethora of experiences on various fronts including spirituality, history, adventure, art and culinary, Kyoto is a sensory delight, to say the least. Once the Imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto today boasts of a gamut of UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with enlightening museums and a list of festivals. All this goodness indeed takes a while to cover and you may wonder how long is too long! A good Kyoto Itinerary 7 Days will present you with just the right exposure you’ve got to attain here.

Listed below is a detailed list of various interests that must be ventured while spending 7 Days in Kyoto.

What to see in Kyoto in 7 days?

Temples and shrines to Add in Kyoto Itinerary 7 Days

While planning 1 week in Kyoto you must note that the city is home to an overwhelming number of temples and shrines. Some of the most popular and must-visit temples and shrines are mentioned below, however, you can accommodate what suits your interests best. Most of these don similar characteristics albeit you may want to visit every single one given their backing by extremely delightful folktales.

Zoo in Kyoto for 7 day Trip

The lush lands of Kyoto are inhabited by several wildlife species, especially monkeys in a huge number. The Iwatayama Monkey Park is the best example of this, also considered to be one of the best things to do in Kyoto with kids. Located in the hilly region of Kyoto, namely  Arashiyama, the Iwatayama Monkey Park also boasts of a beautiful location beside the River Oi. There are some 170-odd Japanese macaque monkeys living here.

Castles and Palaces

Given Kyoto’s rich history, you are bound to come across several awe-striking castles and palaces that take you back in time. Holding great historical significance these are a must-visit more so if you are a history nerd. Should you not be too keen on history, the marvelous architecture and design are definitely why you should go ahead and explore them.

Museums and art galleries

To embark on a knowledge-filled experience, head to Kyoto’s museums and art galleries. These are a great blend of the old and modern bringing forward the city’s history and culture in an eclectic form.

Outdoor Activities to Plan in Kyoto Itineray 7 Days

It is hard to stay indoors when you are surrounded by such beguiling outdoors. From mountains to renowned districts, Kyoto is a melange of tranquil terrains. These points of interest are also a great place to undertake activities such as walking tours and even food tours!


And finally, amidst all the shrines, temples and mountains Kyoto brings to you a breather with its vibrant nightlife. There are a handful of bars and clubs that guarantee a good time and a night out at one of these is certain to turn out into a fun one.

Covering all these aspects is sure to shape a good Kyoto 7D6N long itinerary letting you capture the essence of this beautiful city.

Tours and Activities in Kyoto for 7 Days

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