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Browse these itineraries for your trip of a week in Las Vegas. These attractions are worth adding to your one week Las Vegas itinerary. You can also create a custom itinerary according to your interests.

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Spending 6 days in Las Vegas? Refer these recently created 6 days 5 nights Las Vegas travel itineraries.

6 Days in Las Vegas Vacation Guide

If you wish to let your hair down and have the fun of your lifetime, then Las Vegas is your destination. Fondly called as the Sin City, Las Vegas positively oozes luxury at every corner. It does not fall short on entertainment by offering a plethora of places to visit and things to do. Its many casinos lure visitors to gamble their luck and thus lives true to its nickname. 6 days in Las Vegas are just enough to have a great time in the happening and buzzing city. Take a look at the itinerary below and you will get an idea about how you can make the most of your every day in Vegas.

Things To Know For Trip To Vegas

Six days or a week in Vegas is a long time to spend and with the wonderful, but the slightly unpredictable weather of Las Vegas, it is always recommended that you go prepared. So, dress according to the weather, carry some warm clothes for the evenings and elegant attire for some fine places that you may want to explore. In case you want to enjoy some adventure or sports activities, dress comfortably! Keep a tiny backpack with all your essentials like a water bottle, meds, camera and all that you may need while you traverse through Las Vegas. Any amount of time is less to experience the magic of Las Vegas. Having said that, 6 days is enough to get a glimpse of the culture that is hidden beneath the “touristy” spots. Indulge in walking or biking tours, nature stays, restaurant hopping and other such offbeat activities. Keep your plan flexible and make the most of these days in Las Vegas.

What to see in Las Vegas in 6 days?

Day 1 and 2

Luxury hotels, glitzy casinos, popular stores, and numerous entertainment venues make The Strip a highlight of Las Vegas. You must reserve the first two days in the Sin City to explore this 4-mile strip. Get into your most comfortable shoes and set out to walk along this happening street. Time and again you will be compelled to stop in your stride and admire the spectacular buildings. Do not forget to carry your camera since you do not want to miss capturing the glamour of Vegas. Let the day pass while strolling along The Strip and come evening you must go hopping from one casino to another. Try your luck at gambling or just enjoy being a spectator. At night, you must not miss the Bellagio Fountains show. On the second day, continue with your exploration of The Strip and visit the attractions that you might have skipped the day before. If you are traveling with kids then you must visit the many aquariums that are located along this famous Las Vegas Boulevard. You may even spend your day at the many amusement parks and rides that mark The Strip.

Day 3 and 4

Since you have planned seven days in Las Vegas, you may choose to have a day trip to Grand Canyon on the third day. After spending time along the most buzzing street of Vegas, venturing into the wilderness of Grand Canyon would prove to be a welcome change. Hike along any of the trails in Grand Canyon to burn off some energy. Later, make your way towards Hoover Dam which is an architectural achievement. The structure makes for a stunning sight to behold and will leave you awestruck. Return back to Las Vegas at the end of a hectic day and rest at your accommodation. Let your fourth day in Las Vegas be a relaxing one. Head towards a spa center in the city which offers many treatments that will allow you to unwind. You may even hit a pool club or the artificial beaches created by many exotic resorts in Las Vegas. At night, attend a comedy show at one of the entertainment venues on The Strip.

Day 5 and 6

Go museum hopping on your fifth day in Vegas. The city is home to multiple museums that have a variety of exhibits on display. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, The Mob Museum, The Neon Museum, Madame Tussauds - Las Vegas, Centerpiece Gallery, and Barrick Museum are a few that you must add to your itinerary of the day. You may decide to visit the ones that peak your interest. If you have time on your hands, you may head back to The Strip to experience its glamour at night. On your last day in Las Vegas, you must go on a shopping spree. It would be a sin to not include this activity in your 6 days/5 nights Las Vegas itinerary. Marked with many malls and clothing stores, Vegas will spoil you for choice. At night, head towards the downtown neighborhood to view the famous neon signs of the city.

With this 6-day Las Vegas itinerary at hand, you will certainly have a blast in the most glamorous city of United States.


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