1 Day Trip to Leipzig from Leipzig

By Guest User | 26 Sep'17 to 26 Sep'17
  • Tuesday 26, Sep Leipzig
    • 10:00 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Leipzig Zoo

      Founded in 1878, Leipzig zoo is said to be one of the oldest zoo in the world. It was founded by ...

    • 1.7 km | 6 mins
      12:06 pm Stay for 45 min
      Museum In Der Runden Ecke

      The museum occupies the former site of the district headquarters of the East Germany State Securi...

    • 0.502 km | 6.02 mins
      12:57 pm Stay for 45 min
      St. Thomas Church

      Considered as one of the two houses of worship in Leipzig, St. Thomas Church is a worth visit pla...

    • 0.3 km | 3 mins
      01:45 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

      Located at the center of the city, this modern museum (also known as Forum of Contemporary Histor...

    • 0.2 km | 3 mins
      02:48 pm Stay for 45 min
      St. Nicholas Church

      Popularly known as Nikolaikirche (in Germany), St. Nicholas Church has been one of the popular ch...

    • 1.6 km | 6 mins
      03:39 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Neues Gewandhaus

      Located with Augustusplatz, it is the concert hall of Leipzig. The hall is famous for its acousti...

    • 2.2 km | 7 mins
      04:45 pm Stay for 1 hr

      See the iconic museum complex of Leipzig, built in an Art-Deco style but still often overlooked w...

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