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7 Days in Maldives

Maldives despite of being the world's most geographically dispersed countries brings together a plethora of our cultures together to form a warm and welcoming international culture. This island country has a system of Visa-on arrival and is also connected to some major countries by direct and frequent flights. The local non-alcoholic brew called as Raa and some rare to find elsewhere fish will satiate the foodie within you for 7 days in Maldives. Here is a brief Maldives Itinerary 7 days to give you an idea of your perfect vacation there:

What to see in Maldives in 7 days?

Day 1 and 2 of Maldives Itinerary 7 days

Start your first day in Maldives with the tour of an only one-island atoll in the country- Fuvahmulah. Pay an early morning visit to the Thoodu, a white sand beach and get recharged for the day. There are some worth seeing freshwater lakes like the Dhadimagi which you can visit later in the morning. Spend your afternoon roaming around Gemmiskiy, the oldest building in Fuvahmulah. Shop for some exclusive breeds of fish which are only to be found in this atoll and have a delicious dinner.

Start off your next day by taking a ferry from Fuvahmulah to the atoll of Addu while enjoying the pleasant morning weather. Try Scuba diving in Hithadoo and then head to the Huvadhu atoll in the evening, penultimate atoll in the world. Shop for some best quality mats there and end your day on a happy note.

Day 3 and 4 of Maldives Itinerary 7 days

Head to the Komanddo beach resort for calm and romantic vibes. The island is beautifully maintained and the ambience is second to none. Relax at this resort the whole day and gear up for the most aesthetic experience in your 1 week in Maldives. The sight of sea of stars in Vaadhoo will leave you speechless and astonished.. The marine bioluminescence is will feel like some heavenly magic but is actually the bioluminescence of the phytoplanktons.

Head to the Dharavandhoo beach the next day for marine line diving. After a day in this globally renowned eco-life zone, get chilling at the Four Seasons spa and resort.

Day 5 and 6 of Maldives Itinerary 7 days

Start your day on an adventurous note and let the adrenaline within you rush by doing some windsurfing and skiing activities at Meedhupparu. You can spot some sea turtles and coral reef there as well. Spend the rest of your day mellowing at the Adaaran Select Meedhupparu resort.

Spend your next day in Ukulhas, an environmental role model in the Maldives. Ukulhas is globally recognised for its waste management system and is the cleanest place in Maldives. Enjoy the diversifying cuisines there and 'Maadu', a very popular cake shaped homemade sweet confection.

Day 7 of Maldives Itinerary 7 days

Enjoy snorkeling at the Haanimoodhoo and then head to gather some memories of Maldives in your 7 days, 6 Nights in Maldives by visiting the Utheemu island in Haa Alif Atoll. Here you get to see the real Maldivian life and also Maldivian history. The Utheemu palace tells a lot about the Maldivian culture.

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