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Overview of Manchester Itinerary 3 Days

Arts, media, entertainment, education, history, sports… the list of the charms of Manchester is never-ending. From the world-class museums to the world-famous stadium, this city thrives on its intriguing past, its art and culture, and of course, its sports. 72 hours in Manchester are perfect to relish the exciting flavors of the city. And if a trip to Manchester is on your mind, browse through our Manchester Itinerary- 3 days!

Day 1 In Manchester

Here are some of the important sites that you can start your trip with. All located within the same region, it would be ideal if you can cover as many of these as possible in one day.

People's History Museum

Formerly known as the National Museum of Labour History, People’s History Museum is famous for being the national center for studies related to the working people of the country. Displaying the lives of the people of the country over the years, it is definitely one of the most unique museums that you will visit.

John Rylands Library

Opened in the year 1900, John Rylands Library was established by the wife of John Rylands. The building is known for flaunting its Victorian, Neo-Gothic design, while the collections that the library hold are precious to say the least. For old editions, to important documents, and from paintings to manuscripts, it is k=no wonder that it is sometimes referred to as the largest library in the country!

Museum of Science and Industry

Dedicated to science, technology and all the developments that take place in these fields, the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, displays the importance and contribution of the city in these subjects. The city has been home to many scholars and universities which have contributed immensely to the developments in science, that extend to transport, power, sanitation, communication and more.

Some more important tourist attractions within the same area are Manchester Town Hall, Manchester’s Gay Village, and Castlefield Urban Heritage Park.

Day 2 In Manchester

3 Days in Manchester have begun with a lovely blend of history. Moving onto its art and culture, take a look at some of the things to do on your second day here.

Victoria Baths

Excellent designs, impeccable services, and beautiful facilities, Victoria Baths served as a luxurious rejuvenation center for close to 86 years. Today, it showcases its designs, which comprise of sculptures, traditional designs, and stained glass work.

Whitworth Art Gallery

With a collection of 55,000 items, Whitworth Art Gallery is one of the most sought-after places by art lovers. The gallery came into being in the year 1889 and was part of the University of Manchester 1958. Showcasing the works of famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh, a visit here is a must!

Manchester Museum

A museum of natural history, Manchester Museum strives to display significant artifacts from the fields of natural history, archaeology, and anthropology. It is part of UK’s largest university and has a total number of 4.5 million artifacts from all over the world. Apart from the evolution of flora and fauna, one can also gain insights about the different human communities and their progress too.

Old Trafford

Home of the famed Manchester United, Old Trafford is a football stadium in Manchester. While it doesn’t need any kind of introduction amongst sports fanatics, it would be interesting to note that it is the 11th largest stadium in Europe, and amongst the top ones in the country! It was opened in the year 1910 and has a colossal capacity of 74,994 people.

Imperial War Museum North

Known to be one of the five Imperial War Museums, it is also the first one to be opened. Located in the area that played an important role of being the industrial hub of the city during the Second World War, the museum overlooks the waters of the Manchester Ship Canal. Apart from the artifacts from the war, and the ruins, the museum also has regular sessions where modern issues are discussed.

Two more must-visit sites on your route are MediaCity UK and Salford Quays.

Day 3 In Manchester

Your 3 days 2 nights in Manchester are about to end. But to make the most of your last day here, consider visiting the following.

Heaton Park

Spread over an expanse of 600 acres, Heaton Park was created in 1902. Part of this park is an 18th-century country house, that is often used as an event venue. Along with the country house, there are many small, but significant structures that are situated on the grounds of the park. Perfect for an early morning tour, you can start your day here.

Manchester Cathedral

The most important cathedral in the city, Manchester Cathedral is not only the seat of the Bishop of Manchester and the city’s parish church, but it is also the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Manchester, which makes it an important religious and cultural site of the city. The medieval structure displays classic Gothic architecture. Its construction started in the year 1421, but due to the many events, it was completed in the year 1882.

Manchester Art Gallery

Displaying more than 25,000 artifacts of national and international significance, Manchester Art Gallery is spread over the premises of 3 buildings. Amongst its collection is oil paintings, sculptures, watercolor paintings, miniatures, and drawings, as well as furniture, ceramic artwork, glass and more. Its Victorian art collection is also very famous.

Old Wellington and Chetham’s Library are two more sites that you can visit, before concluding your trip.

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