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Overview: 5 Days in Manchester

While its museums may call out to every artist, its stories may allure the history enthusiast, it is on the fields of this city that you will find the heart of every sports lover beating. Known for its stadiums and sportsmen who have made the city famous and the country proud, Manchester offers the ultimate sporting experience.

Step outside the stadiums, and the museums filled with priceless art, parks flourishing to a lush green, and people celebrating every day not needing a reason or occasion, together create an atmosphere that is too good to be true! Indulge in the flavors of this city, the trinkets to remind you of this time, and groove to the beats at night.

5 days in Manchester are more than enough to explore its wonders. So, before you plan your own trip, take a look at what all your Manchester Itinerary 5 Days must include!

Day 1 & 2 In Manchester

Castlefield, Manchester

Castlefield in Manchester is a lovely area demarcated specifically for the purpose for preserving the old and famous heritage of the city. This area was the site of the ancient “Mamucium” for which gives its name to this area.

Museum Of Science And Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is a very unique museum worth visiting in Manchester. The museum is housed in pretty rustic buildings that are worth a note and it is home to some amazing displays pertaining ti innovation of every sort.

The Lowry

Another very interesting place to visit in Manchester, the Lowry is a wonderful social hub of sorts. Located on the waterside, it is an extraordinary hang out spot for the young and the old. In Greater Manchester, you will come across this very unique looking building that is always alive with activity. This is what is known as “the Lowry”.

Day 3 & 4 In Manchester

Manchester Townhall

The “Townhall” of any city used to be the most important building in the city in old England. Manchester’s Townhall or the Manchester City Council, still remains to be a very important political station in the place. However, the building is as old and rustic as it gets, making it both an important state machinery and a huge tourist attraction.

Old Trafford

If you are a Manchester United fan, you obviously know exactly what Old Trafford is. For those who don’t know, Old Trafford is the home stadium of one of the two major clubs in Manchester; Manchester United, of course. Football fans will love to visit this lovely stadium whether they love the club or not.

City Of Manchester Stadium Or Etihad Stadium

One of Manchester’s two major football clubs the Manchester City FC is the proud owner of the stunning Etihad Stadium or the City of Manchester Stadium. Football fans have a host of attractions to see in the city and this is one of the premiere ones.

Day 5 in Manchester

Manchester Cathedral

This church built in the Gothic style is a very pretty sight to see in Manchester. One of the oldest buildings in the city, it is also a historic site. The stunning design of the rustic building is reason enough to visit it but the interiors are equally beautiful and are sure to transport you back in time. Besides, the building is also extremely important to the identity of Manchester.

Manchester United Museum

The Manchester United Museum is a great place for all football fans. Even though the interclub rivalries exist all over the UK, football fans from far and wide come to visit this lovely homage to what is often referred to as the most successful football club. If you are a Manchester United fan, it makes no sense to miss it anyway.

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