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A Day in Melaka - Perfect 24 Hours Guide

Malacca is the charming Malaysian State with fascinating colonial past. The state is divided into 3 different districts and is home to several cities and towns. If you are spending 1 day in Malacca, then it is recommended to stay in Malacca City to make the most of your time. The city has several cultural, religious, historical, and recreational sites that attract tourists from around the world. If you start your day early, you will be able to cover several significant places in Malacca in a day. You can follow this trip plan as it will give you a chance to be a part of the local culture in a limited time.

How to spend 1 day in Melaka?

Explore the center of the city in the morning

You can start your morning by visiting Stadthuys that is located in the heart of the city. This historic structure will catch your eye with its vibrant red colour. It dates back to 1650s and is considered to be the oldest Dutch historical building around. Visit Red Clocktower and History and Ethnography Museum established on the premises and get a glimpse of past.

Head towards the 18th century Anglican Christ Church in Malacca that is only minutes away from the Red Square. This place of worship holds a significant place in the history as it is one of the oldest functioning Protestant churches in Malaysia.

If you are interested, you can consider visiting museums in Malacca that are in the proximity. As you have only 24 hours in Malacca, choose from places like Malaysia Youth Museum, History and Ethnography Museum, Melaka Literature Museum, and Cheng Ho Cultural Museum according to your interests.

Take a tour of museums in the afternoon

Spend your afternoon at Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum as it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Malacca. This cultural museum will tell you about the interesting history of the region. Do not forget to stop by St. Paul's Church that dates back to to the 1520s. The church is known for its architecture as well as the city views it offers.

You will find some other museums along Jalan Kota including Melaka UMNO Museum, Melaka Islamic Museum, and Kite Museum.Choose places to visit carefully as you are exploring Malacca in 1 day only. You can spend some time wandering around and visiting these places to make the most of your time. As these are small museums, it will not take more than an hour to cover a couple of places.

Have a lively evening and night

Stop by A Famosa for some time as the ruins of the fortress are oldest surviving European architectural remains around here. As most of the fort is closed to the public, you will only get to explore a small gatehouse here.

Head off to Taming Sari Tower in the evening. This revolving gyro tower offers panoramic views of the city and is a perfect place to catch a sunset. You must include spending an evening here in your Malacca itinerary for 1 day. You might need to wait for some time to get to the observation deck as it is usually crowded in the evening.

Do not forget to visit Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall for shopping in Malacca. One of the major shopping centers in the city, the mall is an ideal place to go on a shopping spree. Wander around, pamper your taste buds, and buy souvenirs for your loved ones here.

You can cover most of these places if you plan your visit perfectly. Explore the city and soak in the local flavour!

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