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Milan Itinerary 3 Days Overview

Milan, or as people fondly call it Milano, is considered to be the fashion capital of the world. The city excels in every field including art, science, media, fashion, commerce, architecture, and education to name a few. When you have 3 days in Milan, all you can do is to hope for making an itinerary that will let you explore as much as possible. Read on to know how you can plan a perfect trip to Milano.

Day 1: Explore Roman Colonies, Street Shopping and Nightlife

You can dedicate a whole first day to wandering the city and learning more about its captivating history. There are still some parts where you can easily see remains of ancient Roman colonies. You can visit The Duomo, Cathedral of Milan in the morning after your breakfast. The sight of this magnificent structure basking in the sun rays presents a stunning picture. The construction of the structure started in 1386 and it took around six-hundred years to complete this largest church in Italy. It has a lovely combination of different architectural styles and makes for an interesting tourist as well as religious attraction.

Parco Sempione is a good place to spend an afternoon. This most-loved park is Milan was established in 1888 and has become the important landmark in the city. The park has its own list of popular monuments and famous sculptures. You will come across Palace of Art, Arena Civica, the public aquarium, and the Torre Branca tower along with a public library while taking a stroll. Let this natural beauty soothe your eyes.

At least one evening of your 3 day itinerary of Milan should be reserved only for visiting Quadrilatero Della Moda. the whole area is home to numerous fashion boutiques, antique shops, upscale shopping stores featuring international brands along with lovely and elegant cafes. The neoclassical mansions are a treat for eyes and cameras. You will find some of the coolest restaurants in the city in and around this shopping district that will pamper your taste buds. Bustling streets and cafes will let you experience the true essence of Milan's nightlife.

Day 2: Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church, Brera Art Gallery

How can you be in Milan and not admire the 15th-century mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci - The Last Supper? Head towards the church Santa Maria Delle Grazie to see this iconic work. The building of the church was heavily bombarded during the Second World War. But, the wall that had this painting serviced and so does the painting. Other parts were also restored and today, attract people from all over the globe.

Visiting Brera Art Gallery in the afternoon will make for an ideal 3-day itinerary in Milan. This public gallery is considered to have the largest collection of Italian paintings in the country. You will get an opportunity to learn about the works like Madonna of the Cherubim by Andrea Mantegna, Crucifixion by Bramantino, Death of Cleopatra by Guido Cagnacci, and Holy Conversation by Piero Della Francesca.

The Navigli district makes for an ideal place to spend a lovely evening. These are basically navigable and interconnected canals around the city that let you enjoy cruising along the water. As the lights start sparkling on the shores, the water looks even prettier. If you are looking forward to having a romantic night, it is a good place to be with your loved one.
You can also consider going to The Teatro Alla Scala. This charming opera house is only a couple of kilometres away from the canals and has hosted some of the greatest artists since 1778. There are guided theatre visits that are a treat to art-lovers.

Day 3: Hiking Trip to Pavia

Now that you have wandered the streets of Milano, why not go out of the city for some time? There are many villages and towns around Milan that are great for one-day trips. Head towards Pavia early in the morning. This rustic town is only an hour away from the city and should be a part of your 72 hours in Milan. This town has numerous tourist attractions like Certosa di Pavia, Basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, San Michele Maggiore, and other ancient structures that adorn the skyline of Pavia. If you are travelling with kids, you can visit Oasis of Sant'Alessio - an interesting animal park which tells a lot about local wildlife.

There are around 20 hiking trails near Pavio. You can choose moderately easy trails that will take you through the woods away from all the hustle and bustle of a city. Or you can return to Milan in the evening and visit areas like Slola, Brera, and the Columns of San Lorenzo where you can dance the night away. Enthusiastic bartenders will make you unique cocktails that will keep you energized throughout the night.

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