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2 Days in Moscow - Perfect Weekend Guide

The capital city of Russia, Moscow, has played a significant role in the historical and cultural development of the country. Moscow is known as one of the world’s largest cities. This clean, well-maintained, and sparkling city has some or the other beautiful attraction at each corner that keep tempting tourists from around the world. Whether it is Kremlin Complex- a symbol of the city’s grandeur, or the iconic building of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the city of Moscow looks like an incredible gem on the crown of Russia. Let us have a look at this 2 days Moscow Itinerary and see how you can spend 48 hours in Moscow!

2 Days in Moscow - Perfect Weekend Guide

Day 1

Feel the morning freshness at River Moskva

As the picturesque river of Moskva flows through Moscow, it makes the atmosphere of the city extremely calm and pleasant. Therefore, you can begin the day 1 in Moscow by exploring the surroundings of the river Moskva. The first and most important attraction you will come across is Moscow Kremlin. Often called as Kremlin, this fortified complex provides a glimpse of Moscow’s richness and glamour. This huge complex comprises of four cathedrals (including the famous Assumption Cathedral), five palaces, Kremlin walls, and towers. The meaning of the word Kremlin is “fortress inside the city” and the building has same importance that the White House has for USA. The complex opens at 10 am and best to start your morning with.

Take a cultural tour in afternoon

After spending some time around the Moskva river, it’s time that you should explore the culture and heritage of Moscow. And, which destination could be better than the Golden Ring! Golden Ring lies on the north-east of Moscow, a collection of small towns that clearly tell the stories of Russia’s rich heritage. These cities comprise of Yaroslavl- home to the 11th century monastery, Vladimir- home to the best cathedrals in Russia, Sergiyev Posad- the heart of Russia’s religious practices, Suzdal- the town of farm products, and Rostov Velikiy- the city of peace. There is a lot to explore here, and while doing this, you can have a scrumptious meal made of fresh Russian farm products.

Shop and eat at evening

After spending an afternoon exploring the Golden Ring, you can now relax and merry at Gorky Park. This amusement park is open 24 hours a day and features some wonderful rides along with an open-air theatre, ice rink, gardens, and cafes. Have little snacks after enjoying the rides here. Wouldn’t you like to do some shopping now? Head to the GUM Department Store, a 3-story shopping arcade that houses plenty of international brands. As the daylight goes off and the city sparkles in artificial lights, you can find yourself at the Red Square, the city’s central area. There are many restaurants like Jamie’s Italian and Grand Grill in the vicinity where you can dine.

Day 2

Start the morning by visiting the cathedrals

The charm of the city is such that you won’t be satisfied even after spending 2 days in Moscow. All you can do is to explore the best of it during your stay. The best place to start your Day 2 in Moscow is to catch a Metro from Mayakovskaya Metro Station. Designed by Vladimir Mayakovsky, this is one of the most beautiful stations in Russia and the world. You may also want to visit the Red Square again, but this time to see St. Basil’s Cathedral. If the unique structure of this cathedral tempts you, you should also visit another cathedral called the Cathedral of Christ in Moskva. Meanwhile you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch at the Red Square or along the Moskva River.

Afternoon and evening to be spent in admiring the art

2 days in Moscow will be incomplete without a visit to the Pushkin Museum. With a collection of over 700, 000 artworks Pushkin Museum is the largest museum housing the European art. At evening, you would like to attend a beautiful theatrical performance at Bolshoi Theatre. The theatre built in a neoclassical architecture is one of the best places to spend your evening at.
As the 48 hours in Moscow come to an end, you will realize that these two days are the most memorable days of your life.

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