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Overview: New York Itinerary 3 Days

The ever young and the most populous city in the United States, New York City needs no introduction. Adorned with towering skyscrapers, legendary theatres, delectable restaurants, eye-catchy fashion on display, and a buzzing nightlife scene, NYC is one of the must-visit places for every travel enthusiast.

Day 1 in New York City

  • Morning: Empire State Building

Start your first day by admiring the breathtakingly beautiful view of the whole city of New York city from the observation deck in the majestic Empire State building. The 102 storied skyscraper of the Empire State Building is the best way to see NYC. When your heart is full of the view, take a trip to the historically significant Ellis Island and glance through the artifacts and exhibits that will take you to the bygone era.

  • Afternoon: Modern art Museum and High Line Park

Stop for a quick lunch and go explore the Museum of Modern art that comprises over 60,000 artworks by famous artists from across the globe. Go for a leisurely walk around the refreshing High Line Park and do check out the upcoming events. Pay your respects to the victims of the 9-11 attacks and get a glimpse into the real story as of how things unfolded at the National 9-11 Memorial Museum.

  • Spend Evening at Times Square

Finish your day on a high by making your way to one of the most popular attractions of New York city - Times Square and be sure to extract every bit of the iconic place dazzling with lights.

Day 2 in New York City

  • Morning: American Museum of Natural History

Wake up to the era of the dinosaurs by taking a tour of the American Museum of Natural History that comprises of dinosaur fossils, various specimens of plants and animals, meteorites, and human remains.

  • Afternoon: Central Park

Take some time off from your busy schedule and unwind at Central Park that includes plenty of leisure activities especially for Children. Put yourself in the company of some of the best artworks of all time at the impressive Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Spend Evening at Grand Central Terminal and Radio City Music Hall

Scurry around what is considered as the loveliest station of Grand Central Terminal and have a glance at the appealing architecture. Try catching a music concert at the vibrant and the lively Radio City Music Hall and doze off in the night, rewinding the wonderful music on your mind.

Day 3 in New York

  • Morning: Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty

So the final day of your visit to New York City is here and what's a better way to start than visiting the National Historic landmark of the Rockefeller Center followed by the neoclassical sculpture of the Statue of Liberty. Great isn't it!

  • Afternoon: National Museum of American Indian

Carry on the rhythm by stopping by the New York City Public Library for a quick go through around the massive system and understand history better by gazing around the Smithsonian artifacts on display at the National Museum of American Indian.

  • Spend Evening at Brooklyn Bridge

End your trip by heading on to the gorgeous suspension bridge of the Brooklyn Bridge and stay transfixed at the unparalleled view of the East River and New York City, lit up completely in lights. Brooklyn Bridge is ideal for photography and is perfect for remembering NYC by.

With the New York in 3 days itinerary on your grabs, your New York City travel would be a huge success!

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